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Strategy: Generating:

Strategy: Generating Laurie Hanna February 2, 2014


Objectives Students will be able to refine their writing by using new ideas and vocabulary from generating as a strategy. Students will be able to develop their cognitive and metacognitive skills in writing from generating as a strategy.

Introduction to Generating:

Introduction to Generating Generating new ideas and vocabulary for writing by brainstorming “Have students create a cluster full of ideas they’ve brainstormed; it looks like a spider’s web with the topic written in a circle placed in the center of the paper” (Tompkins, 2012, p.38)

Demonstrating Generating:

Demonstrating Generating

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice Pair up with one of your classmates to share your ideas. Write your ideas and vocabulary down on paper and work with your classmate to get their feedback on these new words and ideas Share with the class!

Apply It… :

Apply It… As you work on your writing in class, add 3 new phrases using the new words and ideas. Tomorrow share some new phrases you’ve added to your writing with the class Begin to implement new ideas into your rough draft.

Assess & reflect:

Assess & reflect Keep a journal where you write all your ideas and new vocabulary to reflect back on. Conferencing with your peers to critique each others work. Teacher or TA conferencing with each group to give constructive feedback and critique. Teacher will record each students progress in a book.

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