Is there a link Between TL & EI?

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Exploring concepts of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence both individually and how they are linked.


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Is there a Link Between Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence?:

Is there a Link Between Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence? Dana Gooch, Lauren Gross, Micaela Elizondo, Brian Fulghum Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies

Examples of Transformational Leaders:

Examples of Transformational Leaders

What is Leadership?:

What is Leadership? The art of attracting and motivating talented workers to put their skills to work on achieving tasks, while building strong work relationships. Creates a healthy culture Helps create team structurere Motivates and inspires Leads by example Coaches others

Importance of Leadership:

Importance of Leadership Creates trusting environment of respect Necessary for teams to work together Is how the vision and mission are communicated Helps encourage and empower individuals to make their own decisions Provides the team with necessary tools to reach goals

History of Emotional Intelligence:

History of Emotional Intelligence Introduced in 1937 by Thorndike and Stein 1966 the term emotional intelligence first used by Leuner 1983 concept of multiple intelligences introduced by Gardner 1990 Salovey & Mayer defined emotional intelligence in more depth Self awareness self regulation feedback in social situations

History of Transformational Leadership:

History of Transformational Leadership Introduced by Sir James MacGregor Burns in 1978 4 "I's" introduced by Bass and Avolio Individual consideration Intellectual Stimulation Inspirational Motivation Idealized Influence

Meta - Analysis:

There is a significant statistical correlation between EI and Transformational Leadership. This correlation has a positive impact on a team's accomplishment of team goals. There is no such correlation between EI and Transactional leadership or EI and Management by exception. The studies used tools such as the Multifactor Leadership Questionaire (MLQ) and the Trait Meta Mood Scale (TMMS) Meta - Analysis

Why is Emotional Intelligence Critical?:

Why is Emotional Intelligence Critical? Emotional Intelligence is key to effective leadership. 5 components of Emotional Intelligence -Self-awareness -Self-regulation - Motivation -Empathy -Social Skills Goleman (2004)

Future Directions and Applications:

Future Directions and Applications Help develop educational and training programs Help enhance leadership performance in organizations Help leaders improve their leadership skills


Conclusion The interplay of the two concepts as they apply to leadership has also been shown to be positive, which is supported by prior research in the field. Further research will continue to pave the way for the two constructs.


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