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Social Media

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The History...

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Time Line

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Usenet First Program that let users post articles or posts to different newsgroups.

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1988 1988


IRC First program used for file sharing, link sharing and otherwise keeping in touch.

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1990 First dating site and compatibility testing site on Usenet. Born out of Israel????

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1997 Social Network Service allowed users to list friends, family members and acquaintances both on the site and externally…..external contacts were invited to join the site ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST BE INVITED “restarted” only open to people who were previously members..

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LiveJournal New approach to social networking. Built around constantly-updated blogs. Users followed one another and created groups to interact.

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Over 50% of the World’s Population is under 30

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In 10 years 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here

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Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web!

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Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.

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1 in 5 couples meet online 3 in 5 gay couples meet online 1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook

What Happens in Vegas!!:

What Happens in Vegas!! Stays on…..

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2009 US Dept of Education study shows on average , online students out performed those receiving f ace-to-face instruction


IF???? Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3 rd largest and 2x the size of the the U.S. population

Social Media Crimes:

Social Media Crimes

September 2007:

September 2007 Attorney General Andrew Cuomo files a subpoena regarding the ease with which sexual predators can reportedly harass young members Attorney General Anne Milgram files a subpoena, demanding that, Facebook must turn over data on any profiles opened by registered sex offenders

Peter Chapman:

Peter Chapman Sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, raping, and murdering a 17 year old, whom he lured to her death using Facebook. Tricked her into believing he was a 17 year old laborer living in the Stockton on Tees area. His profile received 14,600 visitors, 3,000 online friends…..All of them were females from 13-31

Lori Drew:

Lori Drew Used a fake profile to flirt, befriend then abandon a 13 year old girl. The 13 year old hung herself! Lori faced only a possibility of 3 years in prison.

Identity Theft:

Identity Theft

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How Do They Do It??

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Scan social networks, for names of employees and vendors of the company to penetrate Create an identity of an employee of the company or vendor and launch a social media profile Contact each person who is an employee and invite them to be “friends” Create a social website “Group” Invite the “friends” to the “group” By asking questions determine which “friend” works where and what level of employee Find out about vacations Find video of the “friend” Recreate identity, badge, business card Pose as the employee and visit another site

Recent Study by the Ponemon Institute:

Recent Study by the Ponemon Institute 65% of users do not set high privacy or security settings in their social media sites 90% of users do not review a given Website’s privacy policy prior to using 40% share their physical home address through social media 60% don’t know of their social media’s ability to protect their identity 44% said if they discovered that their site would not protect them ….they would still use it

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Why does it happen?

Business Advantage:

Business Advantage

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80% of leading companies will participate in social media in 2011 90% say social media is important to their business 80% say it generates more exposure 72% brings increased traffic to their site

Need a Tip?:

Need a Tip?

Business Tips:

Build your brand! Track your brand and other brands as well! Gain business connections! Spread the word on your product! Answer your customers questions! Talk to a larger audience! Business Tips

Circle the Wagons!!:

Circle the Wagons!!

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Your Core Most people of a circle of close friends Loose Connections Includes all the other people you know by name Pick your post Both Facebook and Google+ allow you to only make post’s to a certain circle of friends

Political Addiction?:

Political Addiction?

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22% of American’s used Social Networking to gain information on the November 2010 election



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You may post what you wish on social networks….. Not really…. You still can be charged with defamation or slander if you insult people on social networks

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What’s Next in Social Networking?


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