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Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment:

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Research and Development Visit our site at

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We believe strongly in the importance and necessity of R&D , and so we will conduct research in operations and human resource-related issues in Ghana . We will publish results of our studies, and will also undertake client-commissioned projects. We seek to become information brokers and a warehouse with a wealth of information on HR in Ghana, drawing on the experiences of our Team members who are also in academia. Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Read more from this site

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Best Practices in Industry - we will conduct research on local and international best practices in specific industries and areas Special Topics - independent and commissioned research projects, symposia, workshops, conferences etc. Global South-South Learning Exchanges - we believe in learning from contexts similar to ours, and so we conduct research in specific industries and facilitate learning exchanges between our clients and their counterparts in other parts of the world, especially the global south. Knowledge IdeaBank - Database of research ideas and outlines (especially useful for students & researchers ) Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment

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We plan to establish an Axis Library Subscription-based borrowing privileges Access to online article database (in-house and/or external) Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Read more at

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