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The Pininfarina-Bolloré car By: Vincenzo, Riccardo – 4CM – Itis Pininfarina

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The Pininfarina Bluecar (previously known as B0 or B Zero) is an electric car, designed by Pininfarina in collaboration with Bolloré, which was introduced at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It is not a concept car, but a production car set that went on sale in 2009.The car incorporates a lithium polymer (LMP) battery matched up with a supercapacitor. The project was developed by the Pininfarina Design department, led by Lowie Vermeersch, who had previously coordinated other projects such as the Pininfarina Sintesi and the Ferrari California. The car was dedicated to the memory of Andrea Pininfarina, who died two months before its unveiling and who was a firm believer in the project.

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The batteries that power the car are housed in a compartment located under the car, between its axles. Also, the vehicle will feature a set of solar panels on its roof and hood that will help recharge the batteries. Built in Torino by Pininfarina-Bolloré, a joint venture formed by the two family-owned groups, the B0 electric car will be powered by Bolloré’s proprietary LMP technology, using a combination of batteries and supercapacitors manufactured in Bolloré’s plants in Quimper, France and Montreal, Canada.

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The B0 will be a fully-electric vehicle without any carbon dioxide production, having been designed from the ground up with that aim in mind. Its LMP battery, which will be rechargeable in a matter of hours from a standard domestic main socket, will provide it with a range of 250 km. The B0 will have a top speed that is electronically limited to 130 km/h and will feature potent acceleration, reaching 60 km/h from a standing start in 6.3 seconds. The B0 will also feature solar panels on its roof and hood, so as to help recharge its electrical power reserves.

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Marketing Methods For the marketing of this car, Pininfarina has chosen a singular strategy: the car isn’t directly sold but customers can rent it, to help the clients in their decision whether to buy an electric car or not, since it is a difficult decision to make. You can “book” one of these cars, and then proceed buying one of the 2.000 units foreseen to be produced by 2010 and 8.000 units by 2011.

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