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Naples trash crisis : 

Naples trash crisis Andrea – 3CM – Itis Pininfarina

Naples in general : 

Naples in general Naples is very famous for its pizza, the Vesuvius, the sea, but Naples has also been known for TRASH lately. People’s attention was drawn by the huge amount of trash that littered the streets. In July 2007, the municipal waste management workers of Naples went on strike. Piles of trash started to increase in height and spread throughout the entire city.

Naples: a banned city : 

Naples: a banned city The Campania region had been experiencing a garbage crisis for almost fourteen years and the involvement of organized crime complicates the issue. Residents would often set fire to the rotting trash. On July 11, 2008, The US Embassy in Rome sent out a warning to American tourists travelling to Naples and the surrounding area about the health risks associated with the trash that was accumulating in the streets.

Camorra & Gomorra : 

Camorra & Gomorra The Camorra families (Naples’ Mafia families) have controlled the dumps, garbage trucks and the business of waste disposal. The movie Gomorra came out in 2008, the story explores the issues centred around crime families, specifically the Camorra. When the movie came out, Naples police discovered death threats to the author, Roberto Saviano, because the movie was “creating too much noise… had become a phenomenon”.

Hopes for the future : 

Hopes for the future If we can learn anything from the piles of trash in Naples is that once it gets really bad no one wants to deal with it. Now Naples’ situation has almost been solved and we hope never to face such a nightmare again.

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