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E-Learning in the Special Education Classroom:

E-Learning in the Special Education Classroom By: Laura Miller EDST 220

What is E-Learning?:

What is E-Learning? Use of technology for classroom learning To enhance students’ learning

Incorporation in Special Education:

Incorporation in Special Education Using iPad applications to help social skills Helps communication skills

Other Uses:

Other Uses Reward for good behavior Gives a voice


Revolution Proloquo2Go iPad application helps Autistic, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy children Costs $190 on App Store

Smart Boards:

Smart Boards Teaches children to work in front of classmates, along with more social skills

iPad Role:

iPad Role Problem Solving Learning how to work together Simplicity

History of E-Learning Technology:

History of E-Learning Technology 1913: Introduction of film/slides 1996: Start of I nternet in classes 1997: Blackboard Inc . published

Who E-Learning Helps:

Who E-Learning Helps Autistic children Children with Down Syndrome Children with learning disabilities

Pros of E-Learning:

Pros of E-Learning Self-made pace Developments computer skills Retention rate in students

Cons of E-Learning:

Cons of E-Learning Missed social skills Lack of face-to-face communication with teacher and students


Summary E-Learning helps social skills in Autistic children Easier learning & positive reinforcement More enjoyable to the students


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