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Laura Motes has invested in a number of measures to protect her property in the case of flooding or earthquakes and she encourages people who live in risky areas to do the same. She hopes to never have to call upon those measures.


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Laura Motes Managed Medical Transport After 21 years of service with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, during which time she rose to the rank of Sergeant, Laura Motes has made the decision to enter the nursing profession to provide a different kind of help to the community. She has spent time working with Managed Medical Transport and Athens Regional Medical Center, which has allowed her to develop some much-needed experience that she hopes will prove useful once she begins Nursing School in Fall 2016.


Laura Motes Reasons To Support Your Local Animal Shelter Laura Motes is a member of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and is a regular volunteer and donor to a number of local animal shelters. She has also adopted a number of animals from shelters over the years and is interested in any measures that can be taken to protect them. The ASPCA estimates that around 7.6 million animals are taken in by shelters or rescue groups every year, many of which are only to sustain their operations thanks to the donations and kindness of volunteers. spending time with animals at your local shelter you help them become more accustomed to people, which in turn makes it more likely that they will be adopted.


Laura Motes Broad River Laura Motes is an outdoorsy person who enjoys spending her spare time on the 60-mile tributary of the Savannah River that has become known as Broad River. In addition to hiking around the trails that surround the river, she also enjoys activities such as kayaking, canoeing and fishing. She finds that spending time in nature allows her to de-stress after difficult days, with fishing in particular giving her the chance to relax and enjoy being at one with nature.


Laura Motes Former Police Officer Laura Motes spent 21 years working for the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, taking on a variety of roles in order to keep the community safe. She started her career in the Uniform Patrol Division before advancing into a role with the Alcohol Compliance Unit/Vehicles For Hire Unit, where she focused on underage alcohol sales and vehicle hires. She later became a Sergeant, serving in the role for ten years as part of the Uniform Patrol Division at West Precinct. Laura Motes always took ownership of any mistakes that happened while she was a Sergeant. It is important to continue your professional development once you attain the rank by learning from your mistakes so that you don’t make them again later on down the line.


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