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Laura Motes worked in law enforcement for many years and only stopped when she became a full-time student.


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Laura Motes Full-Time Student Laura Motes worked in law enforcement for many years and only stopped when she became a full-time student. As a full-time student, she has to balance her time at school and with her friends and favorite activities. She is currently working hard to pursue a career in nursing but hasn't forgotten about how much she loves the law enforcement field. Laura Motes is currently enrolled as a full-time student in college. Before enrolling in school, she enjoyed working in the field of law enforcement.


Laura Motes Attracting Wildlife To Your Home Laura Motes loves animals and wildlife and enjoys watching them in her yard. She is always looking for new ways to attract different animals to her yard. If you enjoy observing wildlife, try these tips to attract more creatures to your yard. Some animals build or make their own homes and others look for structures to make their homes in. If you want to attract wildlife to your yard, set up some homes. Bird houses, toad houses, and ponds make great additions to a yard and will attract wildlife.


Laura Motes Helping With Animal Rescues Laura Motes cares a lot about animals and is always looking for ways to help animals. She volunteers at local animal shelters and always makes it a point to donate food and supplies when she can. She volunteers her time to clean out animals ’ beds, feed, and water the rescue animals and help exercise and play with them.


Laura Motes Staying Active Laura Motes loves to stay busy and active and always finds the time for physical activity. She is currently enrolled as a full-time student and spends a lot of time going to class and studying. When she isn ’ t focused on her school work, she likes to participate in adventure races and trail running. She also works out often and goes to fitness classes with her friends. Laura Motes knows that healthy living is important and tries her best to stay healthy. Healthy living can lead to a longer lifespan and improve your mood. A healthy diet can do wonders for your health.


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