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Action and Enigma Codes BARTHES

Roland Barthes:

Barthes was a semiologist, and it was his job to decipher pieces of texts and/or films to find out what they mean and in what ways they can be interpreted. There are 5 codes that Barnes used to decide whether material was either ‘open’ (able to be interpreted in a lot of different ways) or ‘closed’ (one very clear narrative code). Roland Barthes

The 5 Codes: Action:

The action code is a code that provokes another narrative action afterwards. For instance, if a weapon is pulled out, the audience are then left to wonder what the consequence of this action will be. The 5 Codes: Action

Enigma :

This code refers to any piece of the anrrative that is left unexplained – an enigma – to the audience, which makes us ask questions and want an explanation. For instance, a murder mystery program like Sherlock, were the audience are left unaware. Enigma

The Semantic Code:

A visual or a text which suggests something has more than one/additional meaning in the way of connotation. For instance, the ‘ mockingjay ’ symbol in The Hunger Games is a token of luck as well as the symbol of the rebellion/uprising. The Semantic Code

The Referential Code:

The referential code, or otherwise known as the cultural code, refers to any piece of text or visual that links to any external piece of information that could be scientific, historical, or cultural knowledge. For instance, a movie set at C hristmas time, like most of the Harry Potter’s. The Referential Code

The Symbolic Code:

This is similar to the Semantic code, but explores the meanings of text/visual in a deeper way. Basically it’s finding a deeper meaning in conflicting/opposing ideas. For instance, finding peace in war, and love in hate. For instance, in Les Miserables , extreme hate is portrayed in the relationship between Jal Valjean and Javert , but a good deed reverts Javert’s extreme hate. The Symbolic Code

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