Conditionals I, II and III formulas

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Conditionals I, II and III formulas


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Conditionals I, II and III:

Conditionals I, II and III Just the formulas, Then you can mix them!!! Prof. Laura A. García

Conditional 0:

Conditional 0 Something physically true all the time If you put metal in the microwave it breaks. , Present Present

Conditional I:

Conditional I You have a choice today with a consequence in the future. If you buy the big SUV you will spend a lot of money. , Present Future

Conditional II:

Conditional II You wonder about unreal situations in the present and how things would be different. If he had money he would buy a mansion. , Past Conditional

Conditional III:

Conditional III Now you wonder about unreal situations in the past and what life would have been like… If he had escaped he would have gone the Bahamas. , Past Perfect Conditional Perfect

The end:

The end Now, you have to go to the grammar book and practice!!! Prof. Laura A. García

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