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Want to turn your household or business into a green energy making machine? Latitude 51 Solar offers fully certified and easy to use On Grid solar PV kits containing everything, including free remote monitoring, free panel design, layout and more that would let you start with green energy very fast. Our solar PV systems are flexible and can be expended any time, especially if you have enough roof space available for it. To get payback fast and generate greater ROI, consider investing in our solar PV kits with the guidance of experts at 1 800 317 9054.


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Welcome to Latitude 51 Solar Do you have knowledge about solar PV kits If no then this blog will give you a little knowledge regarding solar PV kits. Solar PV photovoltaic is an electric system which captures the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. It is also called as solar panel. Photovolatic PV generates electricity directly from sunlight via an electronic process which can be used to run household appliances and lighting. Also they can generate some electricity on a cloudy day. Hence solar PV kits are the easiest way to turn your organization and home into an energy making machine. It will allow you to produce your own electricity depending on the power that it is able to generate. It will also reduce electricity cost. These are the key reasons why people are turning towards solar power kits.

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As these electronic devices are simple economical and environmental friendly they have become more widespread over the past few years. Before purchasing solar power kits it is important to choose between on grid and off grid type. Generally on grid type system is directly connected to your local power grid and off grid system is not connected to anything. It requires a battery for the storage of excess power. If you are planning for installing a solar kit in your home then Latitude51 Solar Inc is ready to assist you. We provide high quality on grid solar PV kits to our customers.

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Our on grid solar PV kit consists of: -4 x Coenergy Solar 250 Watt PV Module - Roof Mounting Frame -Cable Kit - 4 x Enphase 240/20 VAC Micro-inverter with MC4 We offer you a line drawing at free of cost for your electrician to follow the instruction regarding its installation. We also offer 25 years comprehensive warranty on our products to protect your investment.

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