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When it comes to Lasik eye surgery Phoenix cost, you can get most skilled correction of refractory errors at most reasonable cost from Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy.


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Lasik Eye Surgery Cost at Phoenix AZ Refractory errors of eyes are invariably experienced by a vast majority of people world over. Continuous advancements in technology and techniques used for correcting refractory errors of eyes have provided most accurate precise and safe surgical options to eye surgeons. Advent of Lasik surgery Arizona has helped patients get treatment for their refractory errors like nearsightedness myopia farsightedness hyperopia or astigmatism through more constantly monitored efficient and safe surgical procedures. In individuals having eyes with normal vision the cornea bends i.e. refracts the light precisely onto the retina at the back of their eye. But in individuals with refractory errors like nearsightedness Myopia farsightedness Hyperopia or Astigmatism the light bents incorrectly resulting in blurred vision.

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Without doubt wearing glasses or contact lenses can correct vision but reshaping the cornea itself through Lasik surgery will also provide the necessary correct refraction. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis i.e. LASIK has been found to be an effective alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Conventional Lasik vs. IntraLasik procedures The surgical procedures are almost same in both Conventional as well as IntraLasic vision correction surgeries. In both procedures a corneal flap is created using laser and pulled back to allow other excimer laser to ablate corneal tissue in microscopic amounts to correct the corneal surface and reshape cornea to remove refectory errors. The difference actually lies in usage of microkeratome blade - a very thin and machine- operated blade that oscillates back-and-forth very quickly. Whereas IntraLASIK procedure does not utilize a blade for creating or creating the corneal flap. Instead of using microkeratome blade eye surgeons use a femtosecond laser. This facilitates eye surgeons to have better access and control over the thickness of the created flap and prevent any inconsistencies in thickness that may occur while using microkeratome blade in conventional Lasik surgery. Benefits of Lasik eye surgery Laser Eye Surgery Arizona is in use for almost about 3 decades and is being used extensively to correct vision. LASIK procedures offer many benefits such as:  Little or negligible pain - due to the use of anesthetic i.e. numbing drops.  Quick and safe – the surgery procedure takes very little time

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 Vision is corrected nearly by the day after Lasik eye surgery  No bandages or stitches are required following LASIK.  Adjustments can be made years after LASIK for further correct vision  Facility of vision correction for vision changes with age  Faster return to daily routine - Most activities can be resumed within 48 hours  Significant reduction or even elimination in eyeglass or contact lens dependence many patients may no longer need them at all.  High success rates up to 98 Cost of Lasik eye surgery Lasik eye surgery cost Phoenix AZ for correction of refractory errors basically depends on:  Extent or level of correction required – greater the prescription greater will be the cost for surgery  Laser technology employed - lasers and cutting instruments used and The type of surgery recommended and performed by surgeon  Experience and skill of the surgeon - In-demand and more experienced eye surgeons may charge more for Laser eye surgery Arizona. When it comes to Lasik eye surgery Phoenix cost you can get most skilled correction of refractory errors at most reasonable cost from Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy.

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