What to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery Phoenix

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Lasik is an eye surgery that is performed using a laser. It is a procedure that is regularly used in North America. A lot of people have chosen to go for Lasik surgery instead of wearing high prescription, moderate or low vision glasses. Website: http://arizonalasik.com/


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What to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery Phoenix Lasik is commonly known for correcting the vision by laser eye surgery. An expert ophthalmologist performs the surgery by using laser ray to reshape the eye’s front part known as the cornea. The visual acuity is improved by that. Those who do not want to wear contact lenses or glasses it is a great alternative for them. Before going through the surgery you need to know few basic things about this treatment. Few pre-surgery instructions The Doctor asks the patientsnot to wear lenses perfume and make-up during the surgery time. Even theytell to stop wearing lenses 2 weeks before the surgery date. The lens alters the cornea’ shape. So to return it to the original shape the advice is given. The make-up items are full of chemicals. There are risks of having infection after the surgery. Try to follow these things.Also do not consume and alcohol on the previous night of the Lasik surgery. The treatment Lasik is one of the best ways to correct the shape of the cornea. Normally one surgery is enough to solve the problem. But sometimes if the problem is worse they you may need more than one. The procedure will be repeated and the process is known as refinements. If you have serious a myopic problem then you may need this surgery after doing Lasik. Also over the years like every other organ you eyes will change. Then maybe you need to do the surgery again. After the treatment it is advised to visit the doctor once in a year for a basic check-up.

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No Pain The word surgery always scares us because of the pain that comes with the process. But with Lasik eye surgery you will not feel anything. You will not feel any pain. Before the surgery the doctor will give you some anesthetic medicine to numb your eyes. You will be awake for the whole time. Maybe for sometimes you will feel uncomfortable. It takes a very short time to complete the surgery. You just need to avoid the sunlight for the next few days.Give your eyes rest as much as possible. If you need to go out wear sunglasses at that time. Also it is advisable not to drive right after the surgery. Those Who Cannot Do TheSurgery If you have any disease or other health complications then inform it to the doctor.Though Lasik is a very good choice but not for everyone. A person’s vision changes with the growing years.So those who are very young especially under 18 years old are not suitable for it. Also pregnant and nursing moms cannot do that.If you are taking some other drugs or steroids then it may delay the healing process. Conclusion Visit http://arizonalasik.com for availing the best Lasik eye surgery Phoenix.

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