Interactive Lasergame in Aalborg Introduced by Lasergame Denmark

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The focal point of Lasergame Denmark is always to keep focus on socializing, both in connection with larger corporate events and private events. If you want to get lasergame in Aalborg for you, we also have great experience with taking our equipment around the country! Get the best laser games playing for you affordably here at Lasergame Denmark! Visit us at


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Lasergame in Aalborg


Interactive Lasergame in Aalborg Introduced by Lasergame Denmark Has the game of laser tag ever intrigued you? If the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat. Lasergame Denmark is the all-in-one source for lasergame enthusiasts. Every day, we work to keep our message “Don’t just play games – Be a part of them” in reality. Our key reason behind this goal is to give you the opportunity to experience the fictional world, as you know it from computers or X-box, in fact, giving you a unique experience.


Interactive Lasergame in Aalborg Introduced by Lasergame Denmark Over the past few years, we’ve reached our goal. Many international experts have given our equipment the most advanced play weapon in the world. We’ll present a product that can be used for much more than just shooting each other. That is why we don’t only hold events for children anymore. Our customers are everything from institutions to private individuals, companies to sports teams or the local police.


Lasergame in Aalborg: Combining Athleticism with Tactical Thinking Lasergame is an exciting, multi-faceted individual or team sport, but has nothing to do with military simulation. The sounds that the equipment makes are freely selectable and range from science fiction to animal sounds to realistic weapon sounds. Light effects such as muzzle flash and LED headbands help create an intensive gaming experience.


Lasergame in Aalborg: Combining Athleticism with Tactical Thinking Searching for activities filled with thrilling experience to do in Aalborg? Would you like to organize a theme based family birthday party or corporate event in Aalborg with children and friends? Would you like to enjoy the thrill in night when lasers hit the right tone for a perfect night out in Aalborg? Lasergame in Aalborg is the only activity that can promise everything mentioned above. Have some fun with friends, colleagues, or family! You’ll be wielding a plastic laser gun and you’ll test your courage and strengthen your team spirit in a fun environment.


Come and book to play Lasergame in Aalborg The one and only Lasergame in Aalborg, our center is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment to provide you with the best experience. All the laser tag team welcomes you in a warm environment for complete 100% fun. Book Now! Laser games are completely harmless and can be played both inside and outside. In our Lasergame gates you can play in exciting landscapes where it is great to play against each other.


Contact Us At Lasergame Denmark Headquarters Kragsbjergvej 121, 5230 Odense M Tel : +45 29 29 90 92 Email : Website :

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