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the impact your church and added Video Announcements is an innovative and creative way to inform your Congregants of your announcements or special events by way of Imagine would have if you took out the announcements Your viewers will see a full graphic design video of your announcements, professionally enhanced and structured around your brand and style of ministry. Welcome to Holy Bible Ministries Here are Sunday Morning Announcements Stay Tuned! Don’t forget about our 2009 Holy Bible Building Fundraiser. Make sure you have your money in by April 30, 2009. See Sister Karen for details. Thanks You! Prayer List Sister Gina Gary Sister Barbara Jeans Brother Vince Eli Deacon Rich Williams Brother Jr. Jones Keep them in your prayers This concludes your announcements and thank you all for your attention. And now, we turn the next part of the service to Deacon John Letterman With Video Announcements, You can Clip Art, Photography, Pictures, Flash Clip Art, Backgrounds and Much More! Clip Sounds, Music, Templates Voices or even use your own voice! You also have other options Lord You Are Welcome Lord you are welcome in this place. Welcome in this place. Welcome in this place. (repeat) 11: 1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Jesus loves you, and he will carry you through! We can do it! Contact Us Today and allow us to bring you into the 21st century technology of Video Announcements. 1-888-601-5882 – ask for Pastor Larry or email us at explosivenewsprintshop@yahoo.com Other Services Provided: *Web Design *Business cards *Brochures *Flyers *Letter Heads *Posters & Banners *T-Shirts *Logo Design *Pamphlets a full service print shop

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