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Rhyme Words : 

Rhyme Words By: Mary Larkin ED 205 Section 11

Rhyming with Dr. Seuss : 

Rhyming with Dr. Seuss Reading Dr. Seuss Books help us to learn rhyming words! *What makes a rhyme? *“Hop on Pop” By Dr. Seuss *What was the story about? *The Rhyme Words we heard in the story “Hop on Pop” *Class Poem *My Poem Example *Your turn to make a poem! *Fill in the blank rhyming *Practice with rhyme words *About the Author *Resources Quit

What Makes a Rhyme? : 

What Makes a Rhyme? As a class lets think of a group of words that rhyme….. Start with Cat: ALL THESE WORDS RHYME!! Bat All we did here was change Fat the “c” in cat to a different Mat letter to make new words. Sat We can do this with all types Pat of words… So we see that Rat the ending sound of a word is what makes them rhyme Quit

“Hop on Pop” : 

“Hop on Pop” Click on the Book to hear the story “Hop on Pop” By Dr. Seuss. *Listen for rhyming words Quit

What was the Story About? : 

What was the Story About? Who were some of the characters? What words stuck out to you from the story? Did you hear a lot of words that rhyme? Quit

What are some words we heard in the story that rhymed? : 

What are some words we heard in the story that rhymed? Up, Pup, Cup Mouse, House All, Tall, Small, Ball, Wall, Fall Day, Lay, Play Night, Fight See, Bee, Three, Tree Sad, Had, Bad, Dad Pat, Sat, Hat, Cat, Bat Dr. Seuss and our Class came up with the same rhyme words and he used those words to make a story!! Imagine what you can do when you write using rhyme words! Quit

Make our own class poem! : 

Make our own class poem! Lets pick one of the words we heard in the story “Hop on Pop” By Dr. Seuss and create a poem. It doesn’t have to be long just a few sentences using rhyming words. FUN FUN Quit

My Poem Example: : 

My Poem Example: I’m going to choose the word Day: Sun come out today I really want to play I’ll be out all day If only you will stay It’s fun! And now it’s YOUR turn!!! Quit

Your Poem : 

Your Poem Here is the space where you are able to write your own poem! Refer back to the previous slides if you need help or ideas! _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Quit

Fill in the blank rhyming! : 

Fill in the blank rhyming! Fill in the space with a word that rhymes with the given word Cup _________ 2) Hat __________ 3) House________ 4)Dad __________ 5) Tall __________ 6) Sun___________ Great Job! Quit

Rhyme Practice : 

Rhyme Practice On this worksheet you are going to circle matching sets of rhyming words using a different color for each group that matches. Lets use our green marker to circle rhyming words that end in “at”, blue for words that end in “all”, and red for words that end in “ouse” Quit

About the Author : 

About the Author My name is Mary Larkin, a college sophomore at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in English with a minor in Elementary Education. I love working with children and I am excited to begin in my own classroom. Send me an e-mail! Quit

Resources : 

Resources Hop on Pop Image Hop on Pop Video Website with Rhyming Ideas Another Website for help with ideas Quit

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