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 Cryptography By Jacob & Ethan


SAY WHAT?!?! Definition 1 – study of encoding; study or analysis of codes & coding methods Definition 2 – secret writing: coded or secret writing


THE ORIGINS It’s been around practically since human kind started communicating in writing Existed mainly as a tool for covert Military and Government actions WWII – Cracking the German Enigma & Japanese Military Cipher Codes

Over Time…:

Over Time… Spartan Scytale – device used by the Spartan Military (500 B.C.) primarily for encrypting & deciphering messages (Da Vinci Code)


About... Secret Key (Symmetric) – uses one key for encrypting & decrypting messages Public Key (Asymmetric) – uses two keys – one for encrypting – one for decrypting Hash (One-Way) – No keys – plain text is not recoverable

More Definitions...:

More Definitions... Encrypting – coding, or ciphering Decrypting – deciphering – 'cracking the code'

Works Cited:

Works Cited Invitation to Cryptology – Thomas H. Barr

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