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Math in sports:

Math in sports By: Alex Diaz Magill Bauerle

Batting average:

Batting average The formula is X=H/T X= batting average. H= Hits. T= Times at bat.


Examples A player bats 30 times Out of those thirty tries he gets 15 hits Whats the players batting average? Batting average = (Number of hits/Number of tries at the plate) Batting average=0.5 After rounding it the batting average is 0.500 or .500


Football Math is also used in football. A football field is 100 yards long, and is marked every 10 yards by a line. The 50 yard line is at the center of the field. It divides one teams side from each other. To calculate the distance across the field, you calculate the length on both sides of the 50 yard line.

For example :

For example If a football was kicked from Georgia’s 20 yard line to Alabama’s 5 yard line, how far was the kick? The answer is: 75 yards!

Shooting Percentage:

Shooting Percentage A player's shooting percentage is figured out simply by dividing the number of shots made by the number of shots taken. For example, if a player made 9 shots and took 15 then the player would have a shooting percentage of 60%. This formula is also used for free throws and 3 pointers.


Basketball Math is used in various ways in basketball. But one main and important way is the time and the quarters in basketball. The game is split into 4 quarters. Each quarter is a total of 12 minutes. 4 times 12 is 48 minutes total in the game not including overtime and timeouts.


Conclusion Math is very important in sports for many reasons; time, velocity, speed, average and many other things. Without Math sports wouldn ’ t be what they are like today. Who knows what this world would even do without Math.

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