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Gerhard Fischer:

Gerhard Fischer Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Colorado at Boulder Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning and Design (L 3 D)

L3D – Center for Lifelong Learning and Design:

L 3 D – Center for Lifelong Learning and Design MISSION: to establish, both by theoretical work and by building prototype systems, the scientific foundations for the construction of intelligent systems that serve as amplifiers of human capabilities L3D is engaged in the envisioning, designing, developing and assessing of socio-technical environments that will bring dramatic and transformative improvements in the ways people live, learn, work, and collaborate.

Fundamental Assumptions About Learning:

Fundamental Assumptions About Learning ( L. Resnick , 1989 ; D. Norman, 1993; M. Csikszentmihalyi , 1997) Learning is a process of knowledge construction, not of knowledge recording or absorption. Learning is knowledge-dependent; people use their existing knowledge to construct new knowledge. Learning is highly tuned to the situation in which it takes place. Learning needs to account for distributed cognition requiring knowledge in the head to combined with knowledge in the world. Learning is affected as much by motivational issues as by cognitive issues.

Lifelong Learning as a New Form of Labor:

Lifelong Learning as a New Form of Labor SCHOOL TRAINING WORK APPLIED KNOWLEDGE

5 Goals:

L earning should take place in the context of authentic, complex problems Learning should be embedded in the pursuit of intrinsically rewarding activities Learning-on-demand needs to be supported because change is inevitable, complete coverage is impossible, and obsolescence is unavoidable Organizational and collaborative learning must be supported because the individual human mind is limited Skills and processes that support learning as a lifetime habit must be developed 5 Goals

Technology Supports Lifelong Learning:

Technology Supports Lifelong Learning Design Evolutionary Process The role of technology

Danger of “Gift Wrapping”:

Danger of “Gift Wrapping” Mechanize old ways. Rethinking Processes.

Evolution of Chalkboard:

Evolution of Chalkboard

Comparison :

Comparison Skinner/ Taylor separation of thinking, doing, and learning teacher/manager as oracle objective ways to decompose problems into standardizable action Lifelong Learning and Design integration of thinking, doing, and learning teacher/manager as facilitator or coach subjective, situated personal interests; need for iterative explorations

Misconceptions and Challenges:

Misconceptions and Challenges Computers by themselves will change education. Reducing the cost of education. Improved knowledge or information because it is offered in multi-media.

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