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UTZ CERTIFIED Cocoa Program:

UTZ CERTIFIED Cocoa Program Brief Introduction


Content Mission & UTZ CERTIFIED in a nutshell Cocoa program & partners Development of the program Certification approach Code of Conduct Income benefits Traceability


UTZ CERTIFIED: Mission We want to achieve sustainable agricultural supply chains, where : Farmers are professionals implementing good agricultural practices ; Industry takes responsibility by demanding and rewarding sustainable production ; Consumers can trust their brands and buy products which meet their expectations

UTZ CERTIFIED in a nutshell:

UTZ CERTIFIED in a nutshell Market- oriented “utz” = good Professional farm management Respect for product, people and environment Mainstream approach COFFEE COCOA TEA

Cocoa: partners and market:

Cocoa: partners and market Goal: To create an efficient certification program for socially and environmentally responsible cocoa production that meets the needs of both producers and markets

Cocoa Program Development:

Cocoa Program Development 2007 2008/09 2010 Launches Commitments Code of Conduct Chain of Custody Traceability system Labeling First certifications

Certification approach:

Certification approach Exporter Grinder Brand Retailer P3 P1 P2 Producer Group Certification Body ‘Code of Conduct’ ‘Chain of Custody’ Support Standard setting Partnership Capacity Builders

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People, planet, profit Part I: Production practices Chapter 1: Good agricultural practices Chapter 2: Cocoa communities Chapter 3: Natural resources and biodiversity Part II: Group responsibilities Chapter 4: Effective implementation of this Code of Conduct Chapter 5: Product flow control Chapter 6: Social responsibilities Part III: Internal control system Chapter 7: ICS UTZ Code of Conduct

Producer income benefit:

Producer income benefit Increased product quality leading to higher value Higher yields leading to increased volume ‘Better price for a better product’ sustainability premium Price Implementation of UTZ standard Volume Premium on product sold as UTZ Conventional production

Traceability, transparency & trust:

Traceability, transparency & trust Traceability = assurance that certified products are linked to certified sources Chain of Custody = chain-wide administrative & technical requirements ensuring traceability Credible, correct claims Trust in the brand


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