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Lanier Pens offers highly qualified pen chests at an affordable price. These storage chests have drawers that can accommodate up to 12 pens and each draw has insides that are similar as displayed in the website. They also have fine brass knobs and a time it can hold up to 86 pens in total.


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Lanier’s Pens are some of the most exquisite writing instruments in the world and therefore it is not surprising that a lot of our customers have fairly large collections of handcrafted Lanier Pens. If you are one of them our pen chests are just the right product for you. Enough space for all your pens Most of you must have a wide range of ballpoint pens rollerball and fountain pens in your collection. You value and cherish each one of them. You might sub divide your collections into groups and even keep your daily writer’s separate from your cherished collection. So be proud of your fine writing instrument collection and put them on display. Our Pen Chests are some of the finest pen display cases that you will find. They not only will display your collection the way it should be but they also keep your pens safe and secure. Why Should You Choose Pen Chests For Storing Your Pens | Lanier Pens

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The Design of Pen Chests You might wonder what makes our Pen Chests so special To start with each of our cases is made from solid wood materials. This makes the entire display unit solid as well as sturdy. They are also sanded and polished so they are smooth to the touch and finished with durable stains to help protect the wood and to create a stunning colored pen display case. They are extremely functional and the insides of each case are lined and there are individual compartments for each pen. This protects your pen from getting scratched and also from rubbing against other pens. If you are a sensible pen collector and what to keep your pens safe and secure and preserve their value a Lanier pen chest would be ideal for you. For The Serious Pen Collector For serious collectors of writing instruments of all types including wood pens fountain pens rollerball pens and ball points we have specially designed pen

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storage chests that will easily hold 46 of your favorite pens or you can select the larger pen chest that accommodates 76 units and you can even select the pen chest with either a glass top or wood top. Order a Pen Chest from Lanier Pens now Lanier Pens P.O Box 5160 Yelm Washington 98597 E-mail- Text: 650 438-6660 Mobile- 650 438-6660 Fax- 650 898-1990

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