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wood fountain pens have been treasured as the favorite writing instrument for numerous generations, and sought after as collectibles and investments. A fine wood fountain pen will withstand the test of time, and end up being passed down from one generation to other. If you want high-quality wood pens that visit our official website now! https://www.lanierpens.com/fountain_pens_s/42.htm


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For more of us the experience of wood fountain pen goes back to the school days with ink- stained hands and smudged writing. At Lanier Pens we suspect most of us have since gravitated towards a ballpoint pen and haven’t looked back. But in response to the digital age there has been a fashion towards the conventional craft of handwriting and the fountain pen made up of wood. Now as the handwriting has become a choice not a chore and there is a premium on the unique rather than the infinitely reproducible people are beginning to discover or rediscover the thrill of pen and ink. Let’s discover the 3 reasons why you should consider writing in Wood fountain pens rather than ballpoint pen  It’s a lifestyle statement With wood fountain pens no longer seen as a standard writing tool for everyday use it has been important to accessory status. With email and text becoming the primary communication tool a fountain pen made up of wood is an honest statement that you want to write in the old way in considerable approach.  The Good old days They are referred to as the good old days for a reason the pace of life was slower as well as the stresses of the digital world did not exist. Taking time to write a letter using a fountain pen is a relaxing and tactile method the antithesis of email and text. Feel the sense of history as you fill a converter from a bottle ink or else sign your name in pen and ink.  Years of pleasure Top 3 Reasons to use Wood Fountain Pens | Explore the Reasons described by Lanier Pens

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How many ballpoint pens have you broken or lost till now For many of us our ball pen is a throwaway item that we throw away over and over again. On the other hand wood fountain pens can last decades if looked after well. Ink cartridges are also cheaper and come in an astonishing array of colors. So are you searching for high-quality custom made wood made fountain pens Lanier Pens is the optimum destination to be reached Great-quality Pens at a lower price will definitely astonish you Visit us now Get-in-touch with us:- Lanier Pens P.O Box 370836 Montara CA 94037 E-mail- customerservicelanierpens.com Phone- 877 306-PENS Mobile- 650 438-6660 Fax- 650 898-1990

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