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INTERPRETATION, TRANSLATION AND LANGUAGE LEARNING Over the phone interpretation, onsite interpretation, documents translation, medical interpretation, etc.

Phone Interpreters:

P hone Interpreters Language Doctors is one of North America’s leading providers of face to face or on site interpreting services, Document translation service and Language learning .we provide the United States, Canada and Mexico with the above mentioned services to enable clients enjoy the benefits of: - Improve enterprise-wide communications and - Pro-active support for non-English speakers, increasing customer retention, loyalty, and trust - Reduce the time of customer service interactions with non-English speakers - Lower overhead associated with using or hiring in-house bilingual staff - Acquire new customers - Reduce un-serviced requests due to language barriers - Increase service and support efficiency in handling requests by non-English speakers We pay particular attention to telephone interpreting service, phone interpreters, interpreters by phone, telephone translators, and language interpretation services. As an over the phone interpreting company, we do our very best to be at the top of the list when we talk about customer service .phone interpretation services also known as over the phone interpretation or over the phone interpreting is the biggest portion of our pie in the North American market (services).Our interpreters are specialized in medical interpretation or medical office interpretation sometimes call health interpreters, emergency interpretation or 911 interpreters, utility service interpretation, legal interpretation or court interpreters.

Document Translation:

Document Translation Document translation also has considerable demand ,for that Language Doctors is of course one of the preferred translation agencies in the United States, Mexico and Canada .We do a lot of document translation in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German ,Russian, Polish, Hindi, Punjabi, tagalong, Armenian, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Urdu, Somali, Farsi, Khmer, Korean Japanese just to mention a few. Dialects like Twi , Hausa, , Swahili and more. Our language translators are distributed around the world. This makes our services much more affordable. Some of the areas in which we translate are: medical textbooks and forms, user manuals, and more. Most Document translators , phone interpreters and teachers dwell in areas of the United States like New York, New jersey, Alabama, Texas, California and Florida,. In Mexico most of our translators and Interpreters live in areas like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Monterrey and Acapulco. In Canada our professional translators and interpreters can be found in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver. You might already have provider, we guarantee the best for your business and will provide assistance to your transition a very smooth and unforgettable one. To know about our prices please QUOTE here. Or contact us at. Toll free: 1800 314 5071 Phone: 209-416-0771 / 647-286-7043

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