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Computer years matusalen not updated very jeje .. but I used to do all that I say


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This is my laptop computer. It is a device that I use to store and manage information. The computer was an invention, from Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) for many people INGLES V


One of the features that I like most of my device is that I can listen to music and record my voice with a microphone like this, can be installed, the microphone is very easy to use. INGLES V


All you need to do is connect it to this and the computer will indicate you how to activate it. with it you can listen to your favorite music, and save your voice if you sing , that’s good. INGLES V


After using the microphone, remember to turn it off, and if you are not going to use more the computer turn it off to lengthen the useful life of their components. and try not to drop it. it´s fragil INGLES V

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