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Festivities of the holy black "sambinito"


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Feast of St. Benedict big Palermo, is being held at bobures, Sucre municipality south of Lake Maracaibo 10 minutes of Caja Seca the municipal capital. The first of January each year with drums, the holy makes his departure from the church to walk around the village with its basallo from 12 noon, the party continues until in the evening, at about 8:00 pm Return to the holy church.


Are religious festivals in honour of the holy black, When the image of the saint will leave the church exclamation initial reads: "Oh Saint Benedict blessed you to leave your home, here are your vassals, pound whole tribulation"


Since December 27 the holy begins a tour of the nearby villages as inviting people and the image of those people to come to your party in Bobures, 01 January. In the village, that day is customary in almost all houses in the village becomes a boiled to the people who will accompany the saint in his tour of all the people can eat at no cost. After that you are praying to the saint before leaving, out of the church becomes a dance of saya, who are dancing with a skirt made of coconut palm… then proceeded to the holy walk around the village where the People devout accompanying


Very important day for many person to have faith holy to them that if you make promises he met that day will deliver what he promised, it may be a layer or they find any soda offered. To me this is a very happy day where everyone shares, dances and plays giving thanks to the saint.

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