Toronto Landscaping on Interlocking Stones

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Toronto Landscaping on Interlocking Stones: Remove Oil Stains :

Toronto Landscaping on Interlocking Stones: Remove Oil Stains Toronto landscaping explains how the walking stones are porous and will absorb any liquid that is allowed to dry on the surface. Removing oil stains is challenging, but possible according to Toronto Landscaping professionals, if a poultice is applied. A poultice will draw the oil into itself over time when applied liberally to the stone. Prior to beginning the procedure, gather the necessary supplies and evaluate the extent of the stain. Supplies: • Nylon stiff bristle scrub brush • Mineral spirits • Distilled water • Baking soda • Towel Follow these steps suggested by Landscaping Toronto , to create and use a poultice. 1. Pour a liberal quantity of mineral spirits on the stone to saturate the stained area. 2. Scrub the stain vigorously with the brush to remove dirt and debris from the surface. Focus on the joints between the stones. 3. Rinse the entire stone with distilled water. 4. Blot the stone dry with a towel. 5. Mix water and baking soda to make a poultice that is as thick as peanut butter. One square foot of stone will require one pound of poultice.

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6. Spread the poultice over the entire stain in a layer that is one-half inch thick. Press the paste deep into the joints between the stones. 7. Create a seal over the poultice using plastic sheeting. Tape all sides down with tape. 8. Allow the poultice to remain in place for 24 to 48 hours. 9. Remove the plastic sheeting and allow the poultice to air dry. 10. Sweep up the dried poultice and throw it away. 11. Rinse the area with distilled water. Allow the stone to air dry completely. 12. Repeat these steps if the stain remains visible. A stronger poultice can be created by mixing mineral spirits with the baking soda. Repeat up to five times if necessary to remove the stain. For any further questions, click landscape design Toronto or contact Terra Stone Landscaping Toronto at Posted by Landscaping Contractors Toronto at 03:00 Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Labels: landscape design Toronto , landscaping Toronto , Toronto landscaping

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