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Commercial property complex «Fur farm Pushkinskiy» Land spot - 128,8 Ha Total area of buildings –  14 000 SQM switch to English ???????

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Location The object is situated in 13 km away of Moscow Ring Road , Yaroslavskoe Highway, Pushkino region Total area of the land spot 128,8 ha   Net site area Land category Settlement land Category of legal utilization For exploitation of immovable property constructions Configuration, relief and general characteristics of the land spot The site has an irregular – diamond shape and a smooth relief.  The land spot consists of 3 artificial lakes, which make the object much more attractive, there is also a river on the territory of the land area.  Pestovskoe water storage is situated in ten minutes away with transport accessibility.

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Transport accessibilityThe object is situated in 13 km away of Moscow Ring Road , Yaroslavskoe - KrasnoarmeiskoeHighway, Pushkino region – “Fur Farm” village.The nearest railway station is situated in 15 minutes away by rout taxi.There are two asphalted roads from Krasnoarmeiskoe Highway, which have no traffic-lights, with above and underground crossings. Sometimes the highway is enlarged with six traffic lanes.

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Immovable property objects, situated on the land spot 370 immovable property objects. Different areas of constructions, number of stores – 1,2. Total area – 14 000 SQM. All constructions are situated principally close to the main entrance to theterritory of a commercial property complex. Additional information. Special features of the land spot. There are proper and frontage sewage disposal facilities, two confined wells. Three sides of land area have borders with forestlands, one side joints to the “Fur Farm” village.

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Engineering networks and communications Central heating: Proper boiler-house for 1,2 ?V, town’s boiler-house for 5,5 ?V. Water supply: two confined wells on the territory. Gas supply: There is an underground closed-loop gas tube of high pressure with limit gas feeding – 1000000 cubic meters/a year. Electricity: Dedicated power for the land area 1,5 MVwith the proper switching substation.

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Commercial condition Deal’s structure Sale of a commercial property complex with a leasing contract for the land area (possible buy-out in ownership). The Price The cost of the complex with the land spot  - on request Existing obstacles and barriers The territory of water facilities will be charged with technical specifications for redevelopment of river and lake (possibly) . There is an industrial refrigerator with total area 1,25 ha, situated on the territory of the complex, dedicated power 2 MV (it’s not included in purchased land spot, but there is an opportunity to buy out the complex in ownership). Total guard area of communication zone (gas pipe of high pressure, conductor cable), and also water fenced-off area of the river Pesochnaya.

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Our company LANDLORDS - is a trade mark of the Moscow based International Real Estate Group of Companies "???-service" .   Please call: + 1 347 4822 003  + 44 20 8123 47 00 + 41 22 534 98 00 + 7 495 759 56 59 http//landlords.tk ; http//www.ock.ru Skype: evoyager ; info@lls.cc

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