Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Location


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Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Location:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Location


For most people, their wedding day is one of the most special and important days of their lives. It's the day where you join together with that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You want it to be memorable, you want it to be magical and you want it to be perfect. INTRODUCTION


Naturally , there are scores of different factors to consider when planning your wedding, but near the top of the list is location. You can't even work out many of the details until you know where the wedding will be held. Here are some things to consider when choosing a wedding location. INTRODUCTION

Your Preference:

Your Preference Since it's your day, thinking about what you and your fiance want first is probably the best plan. Many women have envisioned their wedding since childhood and know exactly what they want, but not everyone is that certain. Are you a traditionalist and want a church wedding? Would you like an outdoor, backyard wedding? Would you like to travel and get married on a sunny beach? Would you like an all - inclusive package at a nice hotel?

Your Guests:

Your Guests Your guests are another consideration that will have an impact on your choice of location. Things to think about include: How many guests are you inviting? Do a lot of the guest have to travel? Is there ample parking at your chosen location? Is there ample seating at your chosen location? Do you need wheelchair access at your venue?

Your Budget:

Your Budget It's no secret that most brides would gladly spend six-figures on their wedding if possible, but in most cases that isn't realistic. The subject of budget will pop into the equation at some point, and since the cost of a wedding can vary quite a bit, it's best to figure it out right at the start. Getting married in a backyard or city park is a lot different than a country club or historic church. Determine your budget and then see how it matches up with your wedding location wish list.


AVavailability Even if everything seems to fall into place with your choice of location and guest list, your venue of choice still has to be available. If you want to be married during the busiest wedding time of the year, your location may already be booked. That's why it's wise to call the church or hotel or country club as early as possible. As soon as you analyzed your budget and decided on a place, give them a call and book your date.

The Photo Ops:

The Photo Ops The opportunity to take memorable wedding photos shouldn't be the deciding factor, but it is something to consider. Once it's all said and done it is the photos that remind everyone of what a magical day it was. Even if you have professional photos done at a studio, think of the photo opportunities your venue has to offer. A hotel that specializes in weddings might have a garden or gazebo that's perfect for what you're trying to capture.

The Details:

The Details Whether you end up choosing a hotel , park, beach, club or hall for your reception, there will be details to consider. How many guests will it seat? Seated meal or serve yourself buffet? Meals cooked on site or delivered? Full bar or just wine with dinner? Live entertainment or a DJ? Small or large dance floor?


Accommodation If people have to travel to get to your wedding, you will have to think about accommodations as part of the planning process. You can provide a list of accommodations close to the venue in your invitations, or consider having the wedding in a hotel so the accommodation issue is simplified. In all likelihood, your guests will also receive a discount on accommodations with a hotel wedding.


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