Bracelet Buying Guide - All You Need to Know

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Bracelet Buying Guide - All You Need to Know Bracelets are ornaments which decorate your wrists. You can also buy Personalised Phone Case With Photo along with bracelet. Look at theirs. Bangle Bracelets These are the most traditional of bracelets and the most popular by far. Typically certain bracelets are worn in multiples. They have a sturdy circular frame and fall into your pocket. Bangle bracelets are available in form of fine jewelry as well as form of trendy jewelry. Fine custom bracelets come in precious metals such as gold silver and platinum. Gold bangle bracelets are considered to be of premium quality and are much more expensive. They could cost ten to fifteen times more than fashion bracelets made from other material. Bangle bracelets deliver so many choices that its always easier to narrow down your options. Bangles are picked according to bangle material and style. As most bangles have a fixed diameter it is important to pay attention to this aspect. Bangle-Gold Bracelets These are the all-time favorite Custom Name Bracelets with their sleek shiny look and sheer sophistication that exude a timeless appeal. They come in different widths and designs. Pure gold is delicate so it cannot be easily formed. And typically alloys are applied to pure gold to make them perfect for intricate design. In Carats pure gold is measured. Bangle Bracelets in Silver Some prefer to buy bracelets in Sterling silver rather than fine silver bangle bracelets that appear to get blackened over time due to oxidation. It is a high quality shiny silver which looks stylish when worn alone and when paired with other material bangles. Importantly it does not tarnish and it maintains its brilliance over the years. Plastic Bracelets with Bangles Early plastic bangles made of either Bakelite or Lucite. Also today you might be able to find some of them in shops that sell antique and vintage jewels. They are really long standing and unbreakable. They’re favored for casual wear. Contemporary plastic bangles are made from a variety of recycled materials –

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plastics. These are suitable for young children and those with an allergy or metal sensitivity. How to take care of your Personalized Name Bracelets Online • Make sure your silver bracelet doesnt come into contact with perfume salty air skin creams hairsprays Sulfur chlorine and acidic agents. • It is advised that you do not wear your bracelets when swimming or during the physical sports activities. • Never try slipping the wristbands off your neck. Please unfasten the given fastener. • If you own a cute necklace ensure the charms weight is distributed equally. Invest in Better Quality Charms. Counterfeit charms may disturb or even damage the bracelet’s delicate threadwork. • Using the charms on charm bracelets such as spacers and beads. These can be put between charms to prevent them from rubbing and eroding against each other. Cleaning your Bracelet • Always periodically use a polishing cloth to avoid the natural tarnishing process. • Clean your bracelet using lukewarm soapy water. Should not plunge the cuff into the solvent but gently clean with a gentle cloth. • Do not try to use silver polish on a silver bracelet as it could ruin your bracelet’s precious and fragile features.

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