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 "Working of a system based on Fuzzy Logic":

Head of Department Dr. D. Singh "Working of a system based on Fuzzy Logic" Presentation o f Seminar Report Submitted to Mrs. Sukhpreet Kaur Submitted by Lalit Kumar Roll No 96446582903

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TRADITIONAL REPRESENTATION OF LOGIC Slow Fast Speed = 0 Speed = 1 bool speed; get the speed if ( speed == 0) { // speed is slow } else { // speed is fast }

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WHAT IS FUZZY LOGIC? Definition of fuzzy Fuzzy – “not clear, distinct, or precise; Definition of fuzzy logic Fuzzy systems are a class of systems belonging to knowledge based systems. In the class of systems, the knowledge is represented in the form of a rulebase of the system. Fuzzy system can be represented with the help of block diagram.

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FUZZY LOGIC REPRESENTATION For every problem must represent in terms of fuzzy sets. What are fuzzy sets? Slowest Fastest Slow Fast [ 0.0 – 0.25 ] [ 0.25 – 0.50 ] [ 0.50 – 0.75 ] [ 0.75 – 1.00 ]

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FUZZY LOGIC REPRESENTATION CONT. Slowest Fastest float speed; get the speed if ((speed >= 0.0)&&(speed < 0.25)) { // speed is slowest } else if ((speed >= 0.25)&&(speed < 0.5)) { // speed is slow } else if ((speed >= 0.5)&&(speed < 0.75)) { // speed is fast } else // speed >= 0.75 && speed < 1.0 { // speed is fastest } Slow Fast


INTRODUCTION TO FUZZY LOGIC Two types of sets: Crisp Set: Defined in terms of 0 (False) and 1 (True). Fuzzy Set: It uses the whole interval between 1 (True) and 0 (False) The word fuzzy means “Vagueness”. Fuzziness occurs when the boundary of a piece of information is not clear-cut.



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Why Use Fuzzy Logic? Fuzzy logic is conceptually easy to understand. The mathematical concepts behind fuzzy reasoning are very simple. Fuzzy logic is a more intuitive approach without the far-reaching complexity. Fuzzy logic is flexible . The basis for fuzzy logic is the basis for human communication. This observation underpins many of the other statements about fuzzy logic. Because fuzzy logic is built on the structures of qualitative description used in everyday language, fuzzy logic is easy to use.

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TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER The problem Change the speed of a heater fan, based off the room temperature and humidity. A temperature control system has four settings Cold, Cool, Warm, and Hot Humidity can be defined by: Low, Medium, and High Using this we can define the fuzzy set.

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Real Ant Experiments: Ant Colony Optimization ACO is an agent-based meta-heuristic for combinational optimization problems motivated by the ability of real ants to find the shortest path between their nest and a food source. This is attributed to the fact that ants lay a chemical substance, called a pheromone, along the paths they take and when presented with a choice between alternative paths, they tend to choose the one with the greatest amount of pheromone. Pheromone, however, so that over time the shortest path & more pheromone as it is traversed more quickly.

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In the second experiment (Figure 3), the length ratio between the two branches was set to r=2, so that the Long Branch was twice as long as the short one. In this case in most of the trials after some time all the ants chose to use only the short branch. As in the first experiment ants leave the nest to explore the environment and arrive at a decision point where they could choose one of the two branches. Because the two branches initially appear identical to the ants, they chose randomly.

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CONCLUSION Fuzzy logic provides an alternative way to represent linguistic and subjective attributes of the real world in computing. It is able to be applied to control systems and other applications in order to improve the efficiency and simplicity of the design process.

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