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Christ’s Healing: : 

Christ’s Healing: The Sacrament of RECONCILIATION

Names of the Sacrament: : 

Names of the Sacrament: “Confession” stresses the importance of acknowledging our sins while asking for God’s forgiveness. “Sacrament of Penance” emphasizes rather the whole process of conversion including contrition, repentance and satisfaction.

What is this Sacrament all about? : 

What is this Sacrament all about? Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation we receive God's pardon for our failure to abide by his will – by not intending to love God & our neighbor and by what we do and what we have not done. This sacrament does not only unite us with the Chruch but this also unites us with God.

The Essential Dimensions of The Sacrament of Reconciliation: : 

The Essential Dimensions of The Sacrament of Reconciliation: It is GOD who grants FORGIVENESS and unites us to Him and to other people. The CHURCH, the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY,the continuing Christ’s ministry of forgiveness and reconciliation. CONTINUED PERSONAL CONVERSION and HEARTFELT REPENTANCE for sins against God and neighbor,supported by charity,good example and prayers of the community.

Process Of On-going Personal Conversion: : 

Process Of On-going Personal Conversion: BAPTISM >Reciting the Nicene Creed which proclaims: “One baptism for the forgiveness of sins. EUCHARIST >The traditional Sacrament of reconciliation, this sacrament celebrates the redeeming love of the whole Christ.

The Holy Trinity: : 

The Holy Trinity:

Other Means for Conversion: : 

Other Means for Conversion: Jewish Form: >Almsgiving >Prayer >Fasting Among Filipinos: >Acts of sympathy >Kindness >Patience

And in Recent Times: : 

And in Recent Times: The Church has encouraged PENITENTIAL CELEBRATIONS w/c involves suitable songs, psalms, periods of silence,a homily, common prayers and litanies and recitation of The Lord’s Prayer.

Process of Total Conversion: : 

Process of Total Conversion: Conversion – is not only an individual act but also the whole, life long process of MOVING TOWARD closer in union with Christ our Savior. This does not only refer to a single act of moving on from atheism from God. As a life long call to repentance and turning back to God, conversion is a constant theme in the bible.

Conversion in the Bible:“OLD TESTAMENT” : 

Conversion in the Bible:“OLD TESTAMENT” Conversion of Heart Radical change in behavior God who effects true conversion These themes are etched in DAVID’S CONVERSION.


“NEW TESTAMENT” The Penitent Woman Zaccheus the Tax Collector The Prodigal Son

What is SIN? : 

What is SIN?

S I N : : 

S I N : Is described as BREAKING GOD’S LAW and our relationship with others. It is something which goes against our CONSCIENCE.

Structure Of Sin: : 

Structure Of Sin:

Degree of Sin: : 

Degree of Sin: VENIAL, “VENIA”, pardon or forgiveness Sins w/c are definition pardonable, they should be taken lightly, for they offend God. MORTAL Are sins w/c leads to death, the loss of true or eternal life. Mortal because they kill love pattern of our relationship with God.

Parts of the Sacrament: : 

Parts of the Sacrament: CONTRITION – or heartfelt sorrow CONFESSION – of all grave sins to the priest,minister of the Church acting as a person of Christ. PENANCE – for sins committed ,by restitution and reparation of injury and renew one’s life. ABSOLUTION – the essential act of the priest w/c is a sign of God’s pardon.

Effects of The Sacrament: : 

Effects of The Sacrament: Reconciliation with God and the Christian community. Those who have grave sins are forgiven by God’s loving mercy, and are called back to life.

What does B.I.B.L.E Stands for? : 

What does B.I.B.L.E Stands for? B – Best I – Insurance B – Before L – Leaving E – Earth We Must Read and Understand The BIBLE.

The END!!! : 

The END!!! M e m b e r s : Beatrice Priego Rosel Saavedra Ritcemee Arbas Niña Lyn Inguito Maria Fe Celecios Fe Myra Lagrosas Alica Faith Casinillo Ma. Princess Sofea Portillano

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