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Working for poor children for their healthcare and medical treatment we are lakshhya one of the leading charitable ngo in up how is made each poor children healthy and educated


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Lakshhya is a transformative educational organization ( Lakshhya:Poor Children Ngo In Up)  that has been actively spreading hands-on learning to poor rural and urban children and teachers in India since 2016.

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Education:Lakshhya (Poor Children Education Ngo In Up ) Today we all know about the importance of education but education for slum area children still a question mark. So as a oraganization we started some project and awarness event to educate them.

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Sports Activities who are working to achieve their potential can inspire countless others to strive for excellence. We work to provide sporting talent the right support at the right time, to give sporting talent a fair chance.

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Support and Dignity We believe, that providing mere basic health care is not enough, as every individual also deserves dignity, at Lakshhya Society NGO in Aligarh, we ensure the same by providing them respect, human touch, basic health care, free food and dry ration through compassionate approach.

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Poor Children Healthcare Ngo In Up We organized several awareness drives and health related events like dental and oral camps, blood donation camps, earth hour observation, water conservation, world environment day celebration day etc.

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Contact Us Website:- Call:-6399550055 infront of Blind School, Shamshad , Market, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202002

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