Protecting our Waters by Alex Strachota

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Protecting Our Water :

Protecting Our Water Red Cliff Water Resources Program Binational Forum - 11/14/2014

Casino Retention Pond Project:

Legendary Waters has two settling ponds, where storm water flows from the parking lot are directed. In heavy rains however, the settling pond closest to this location quickly exceeds capacity, and the overflow empties onto eroding hillside; without adequate buffer zones, nutrients travel freely to Lake Superior. Photo 4 . West-end of casino retention pond (286 feet perimeter ) with culvert and drain dumping in Lake Superior. Photo 3. East-end of the casino retention pond (248 feet perimeter ) with culvert and drain dumping in Lake Superior. Casino Retention Pond Project

PowerPoint Presentation:

Effects on Resources: Excessive surface erosion and nutrient loading has negative impacts on water quality and aquatic communities. Run-off from multiple sources carrying nutrients into Lake Superior causes nutrient loading


Goals/Objectives habitat/riparian establishment will improve water quality and promote abundance and diversity of aquatic species in Lake Superior a buffer of water-absorbing wetland plants around the holding ponds: the rate of water flow will substantially decrease and nutrient uptake capacity will increase. This will reduce slope erosion and nutrient pollution entering in the Lake Superior coastline, which will be reflected in continued monitoring after the project is complete enhancement of wildlife habitat and structure along the shore, as the wetland canopy, shrub layer, and native plant groundcover are replanted along the holding ponds This project area seeks to mitigate non-point source pollution challenges to maintain the integrity of the Great Lakes watershed ecosystem.

Project Implementation:

Project Implementation ~10 ft. perennial buffers around ponds ~5300 sq. ft. landscaping 3,000 native wetland/upland plants Silt fencing Photos 5 and 6. Retention ponds with newly established buffer zones.

Hazardous Waste Collection Event:

Hazardous Waste Collection Event Red Cliff Tribal members only Paints, oils, cleaners, batteries, pesticides, etc. No electronic waste August 2014

Pet Waste Stations :

Pet Waste Stations

Future Outlook:

Future Outlook Continued m onitoring Identify pristine areas Restoration Projects Water Quality Standards Expanding program monitoring More Community Involvement Additional Hires

Questions, Concerns, or Complaints:

Questions, Concerns, or Complaints Environmental Department – Water Resources Program 715/779-3650 Linda Nguyen – Alex Strachota –

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