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INTRODUCTION It is a miniature size full fledge database providing the facility to view and search .It is the replacement of manual system. This software will be used by the employee (accountant). Customers will view details of each and every product available in store with its price.

Scope : 

Scope The scope of my project is to facilitate the user by giving a flexible accessing option to the records of the database. The project covers the variety of functions such as Full access to various records of the database covering the information of products. The Search facility enables data to be searched, at any point of time Amendment of any record in the database is also possible.

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Existing System : 

Existing System The existing system is a file based system, which stores records of data in manual form. To retrieve a single piece of information takes much time and effort by the management. Like every other system this system was born with its benefits and flaws. These are as follows:

Advantages : 

Advantages Inexpensive Data storage in Existing system is not very costly. You don’t need to spend too much money on it. It as cheapest method to store data and it is affordable by almost every person. Easy to Understand The main advantage of manual system is that it is easily understandable by even a common person. Employment The existing systems enables a number of people to remain employed as various individuals carry out majority of work.

Disadvantages : 

Disadvantages Difficult to update data It is difficult to update data in manual system, once you have stored the data in manual system Difficult to Search data In existing system which is manual system it is very difficult to search a record even of a single person. Improvised Data The data in manual system is not arranged in any particular order (ascending or descending order) so a person has to go through the whole records to get the information about a single book and it requires time also.

Cont…. : 

Cont…. Time Taking Manual system is more time taking as compared to computerized system. Basic procedures in manual system require a lot of man hours Security Problem When you are in hurry you cannot easily and quickly search the record. In manual system there are always problem of security. Data stored in manual system is not secured because every person can access the data. Even if files are locked then there is no 100% security. While in computerized system there is guarantee of 100% security because of password.

Proposed system : 

Proposed system After analyzing the existing system and finding the shortcomings and disadvantages of the present system, it became necessary to remove the deficiencies to define the objective and design a proposed system. The new system has brought changes in the existing system

Features : 

Features Easy Access Secure Error Free Less Effort Less Time Consuming Less Storage Space

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Requirements Elicitation : 

Requirements Elicitation I am making software for a company which wants to open an departmental store in Rawalpindi. I discussed the requirements with the manger of the company. He wanted to build software which contains detailed description of its employees, billng.accounts related his store. I tried to make such software which contains the above mentioned requirements and confirmed our understanding of the requirements

Requirement Specifications : 

Requirement Specifications Document Convention Font Style : Times New Roman Text Size : 12pt Heading Size : 14pt Title Size : 16pt. Page Size : A4

Functions of the software: : 

Functions of the software: Store data View data View forms View reports Search the required data using (Queries)

Requirement Specifications : 

Requirement Specifications Software used My project is made in visual Basic and Microsoft Access, it is User friendly Operating system My information system will run on all windows version i-e Win98/2000/XP. User Documentation Proper documented manual will be given to the user containing all user guide instructions and format is according to the manual given by management authority. User Classes This software is going to be used by the manager as well as the employees of the departmental store.

External Interface Requirements : 

External Interface Requirements User Interfaces User interface is designed using language Visual Basic which have the buttons of Categories, Customers options, , Product list, Customer’s order details, Employee information and Product sales. Hardware Interfaces: Software is indirectly related with hardware, since it is flexible in implementation nature. Therefore, physical connections of different parts of the system e.g. plug/socket compatibility, physical space utilization, wiring etc. Electrical/Electronics compatibility of hardware units are dependent on the hardware interface used. Software Interfaces: Software units will be communicating by setting pre-defined parameters for switching from one interface to its corresponding interface. For example, in order to switch from one form to another.

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WBS : 

WBS A work breakdown structure (WBS) in project management and system engineering, is a tool used to define and group a project’s discrete work elements (or tasks) in a way that helps organize and define the total work scope of the project.

OBS : 


RAM : 

RAM A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), describes the participation by various roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project. It is especially useful in clarifying roles and responsibilities in cross functional projects and processes.

RAM : 


Activity On Arrow : 

Activity On Arrow Activity On Arrow (AOA) is an activity sequencing tool and also known as Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM). Activity sequence diagrams uses arrows to represent the activities and connects to the related activities.

Gantt Chart : 

Gantt Chart To illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project Gant chart is used.

Result : 


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Front End : 




Order Detail : 

Order Detail To navigate the records I made buttons i.e. first .next ,previous and last record. For go to main form" main’ is designed


BACK END Following are the objects which are created using MS Access while creating the database: - Tables. Relationships. Queries. Forms. Reports.


EFFORT ESTIMATION Software Effort Estimation Technique: The software effort estimation technique that is applicable to Accounting system is: Analogy Functional points

Analogy: : 

Analogy: This technique helped me in a way that I took help from our previously done projects to find the effort required to complete this project. The previously done projects are the source cases/case (which have the same characteristics as our target case) and the target case is the one on which we have to work on. According to the following formula which is called the Euclidean distance formula I calculate the effort. Distance=square-root of (target parameter r1-source parameter r1) square+ …… (target parameter rn-source parameter rn) square)

Effort Estimation of the Project : 

Effort Estimation of the Project The input measurement of the source case is 20 and the output measurement of the source case is 30. The input measurement of the target case is 25 and the output measurement of the target case is 40. So by applying the Euclidean distance formula the calculation are: Distance=Square root {(20-30) square+ (25-40) square)} Distance =Square root {(-10) square+ (-15) square)} Distance =Square root {100+225)} Distance =Square root {325} Distance =18.02 source line of code / day

Functional points : 

Functional points This technique is applicable to this project in a way that the whole project is divided into different modules, and the whole work is done on the basis of these modules. No of External input types No of External output types No of Logical internal record types No of External interface types No of External query types

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Bottom UP Approach : 

Bottom UP Approach I have completed the project within 1 month, to calculate the proper cost for the project I choose “bottom up approach. A bottom up approach starts at the component level. The entire system is decomposed into components and the effort required to develop each of these is computed. These costs are then added to give the effort required for the whole system development. By applying this approach each of the individual components is taken into consideration and hence gets a detailed justification. An initial system design is made to identify the components to be coasted.

Cost : 

Cost The three parameters that are considered for the cost are: Hardware and software costs, including maintenance Training costs Effort cost The hardware and software costs, including maintenance is (45,000+10,000) 55,000 Rs. Training the staff costs 40,000 Rs. And the effort cost for the project is calculated by the lines source of code and the functional point’s techniques so the overall budget for the project is 10,00000

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White Box Testing : 

White Box Testing In order to implement white box testing, I have deal with the code and internal working of the code . Unit Testing: Static and dynamic Analysis: Statement Coverage: Branch Coverage: Functional Testing: Incremental Integration Testing:


MAINTENANCE I developed this software at general level. I am hopeful that this system will be very helpful for customers, employees in future. This system would prove to be the best for all. My introduced computerized system is more powerful, easy and sufficient to use. This project has the flexibility of adding new fields, deleting and updating fields in the table. Also new tables on the requirement can be added as much queries, forms and reports are required can be added.

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