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Have you ever wondered why nowadays people are preferring to compost instead of landfill disposals? We all have heard a number of benefits of making a compost pile. Instead of these traditional methods, you can also go for organic waste composter machine or compost machine-like Goldust


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Top 5 Reasons To Compost Have you ever wondered why nowadays people are preferring to compost instead of landfill disposals We all have heard a number of benefits of making a compost pile. The waste management company in Mumbai will always help you for composting. Everyone suggests that all of us should adopt composting methods at home or work areas. But how exactly compost works and is it really worth doing Let’s look behind a few reasons for starting composting: Helps in creating zero garbage cities Composting recycles the day to day wet trash generated. It breaks down wet wastages and produces rich manure for use. We can decompose all sorts of wet scraps by making a compost pile. Consequently the amounts of wet scraps sent to landfills are minimized. Therefore this can be considered as the first step towards creating zero garbage cities. We can find an effective and evergreen solution for recycling by way of various composting methods. Improves soil structure promotes growth Compost adds essential nutrients to the soil and enriches the soil structure. It also strengthens the genes of plants which further helps plants to fight against many diseases. These qualities of manure further raise the total productivity. On the other hand fertilizers pesticides may have good effects in the short term but have long term negative impacts on the environment. Sometimes a little excess use of fertilizers results in chemical burn to plants. Also it increases the demand for

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scarce natural resources. This in turn increases the pollution levels. Therefore it is always recommended to use eco-friendly manure in the soil. Reduces the dependency on fossil fuels The manure is also used as an eco-friendly fertilizer for plant growth. We all know that manure is made from wet wastages. Therefore when we use compost in the land we send back what’s taken from it. It works the same as fertilizers and pesticides but in a natural way. On the other hand modern fertilizers and pesticides are made in the factory by using ammonia coal sulfur phosphate rock and so on. The production of these fertilizers and pesticides demands the extraction of minerals from the earth’s crust. So using compost instead of fertilizers pesticides reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. Reduces global warming effects When wet scraps are directly dumped on the open garbage sites they gradually start to decompose in the open spaces. A sufficient amount of oxygen is needed for the eco-friendly decomposition of wet scraps. This trash lies stagnant in landfills where it does not get the necessary oxygen to decompose naturally. In composting a healthy atmosphere is created for the disposal of wet scraps. As a result the composting process does not release deadlier greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Also it slows down global warming. Sustainable in nature Sustainable development means achieving economic development without depleting natural resources. In the past we have used a lot of non-renewable sources of energy. This is why we have to face many global warming problems these days. It is

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imperative to find a sustainable solution in the future. We can start to use renewable sources of energy more. Do you know that composting is a sustainable solution for trash removal Yes it is. It sends back what’s taken from the earth. This means it completes the ecological loop and does not create any secondary pollutants. Conclusion: So these were some big reasons to start composting from now onwards. One more benefit of composting is it is inexpensive. You can make a compost pile at your home only. There are various methods like direct composting vermicomposting commercial composting etc. You can adopt the most suitable method for yourself. Unfortunately some of these methods are a little time-consuming. Instead of these traditional methods you can also go for organic waste composter machine or compost machine-like Goldust. These machines convert wet scraps into useful manure within a few hours. It can be operated by one person on a part-time basis as well. All the process of decomposition is odorless noiseless and maintenance-free. So you can visit the website of LAHS Eco Engineering to know more about Goldust.

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