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Cyberbullying Trend/Issue Presentation Andrew Harrison

What is Cyberbullying?:

What is Cyberbullying?


Examples: Instant Messaging Text Messaging Blogs Websites Emailing Pictures Hacking or sending spyware

Consequences of Cyberbullying:

Consequences of Cyberbullying Anxiety Depression Stress Related Disorders Suicide Withdrawn Changes in mood, behavior, and appetite

Why do Children Cyberbully?:

Why do Children Cyberbully? Frustration Anger Revenge Entertainment Attention Power Hungry

It's A BIG Deal:

It's A BIG Deal

It's A BIG Deal Cont.:

It's A BIG Deal Cont. More cases of children who had enough, but didn't seek help

Websites and Resources:

Websites and Resources offers information about cyberbullying and many resources for people to get help. National Crime Prevention Council website offers information and prevention tips on cyberbullying too.


BrainPOP This video could be used to introduce cyberbullying to preteens.

Can Teachers Help/Prevent:

Can Teachers Help/Prevent Do what teachers do best; TEACH



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