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Name: Lawrence Guerrero Surface Area Graphic Organizer Directions: 1 st column consists of different 3-dimensional shapes. 2 nd column you will name the 3-dimensional shape 3 rd column you will provide the equation of the corresponding shape 4 th column you will draw your own example of the shape. The shape must have actual numbers and units 5 th column you will find the surface area for the example you provided. Name and describe the Shape Equation for Surface Area Draw an example with units Find the surface area of your example Rectangular Prism: A rectangular three- dimensional figure. The figure also has six quadrilateral faces SA 2bh + 2hl + 2bl SA 2bh + 2hl + 2bl SA 264+243+263 SA 48+24+36 SA 108 cm 2 Sphere: A round three- dimensional figure. Every point on the surface is equidistant from the center of the figure SA 4p SA 4 SA 4 6 SA 4 36 SA 452.16 m 2 Cylinder: a three- dimensional geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section. 2prh + 2p SA 2prh + 2p SA 2 510+2 5 2 SA 2p 50 + 2p25 SA 314 + 157 SA 471 cm 2 Square Pyramid: a three- dimensional figure. It has a square base and four triangular figures meeting at the apex. 2bs + SA 2612 + 6 2 SA 144 + 36 SA 180 cm 2

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