Reflexive Verbs

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Reflexive Verbs:

Reflexive Verbs By: Nicky , Abby , Alex , Michael, and Zachary

Definition of Reflexive Verbs:

Definition of Reflexive Verbs Reflexive verbs are used when you are doing something to, at, or for yourself.

Reflexive Verbs You Should Know…:

Reflexive Verbs You Should Know… Despertarse : to wake up Levantarse : to get up Secarse : to dry oneself Lavarse : to wash oneself Ponerse : to put on Peinarse : to comb one’s hair Banarse : to take a bath Irse : to leave Quitarse : to take off

Pronouns and Reflexive Verbs:

Pronouns and Reflexive Verbs Yo - Me Ellos , ellas -Se Tu -Te When the subject El, Ella- Se and the direct object Usted -Se are one and the same. Nosotros-Nos Ustedes -Se

Here are some examples…:

Here are some examples… Tu te cepillas los dientes la manana . Mama y Papa se van a la casa. Me bano a las nueve . Now you try… Alex y yo ____ vamos a la casa. Zachary y Michael ____ despiertan a las seis y media.

Stem-Changing Verbs:

Stem-Changing Verbs Desp e rtarse - ie Ac o starse - ue D o rmirse - ue

Stem- Changing Exercise:

Stem- Changing Exercise 1. Ella se ________. ( Despertarse ) 2. Yo me ________. ( Dormirse ) 3. Nosotros nos _________. ( Acostarse )

Tic- Tac Toe Game:

Tic- Tac Toe Game

Matching Game:

Matching Game Te Pongo Se Secas Nos Lava Se Vamos Me Levantan Se Acuesta

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