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Digital Storytelling : 

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling : 

Digital Storytelling is the art of turning a personal narrative into a multimedia experience.   It may contain text music images video and your creative voice

The results : 

The results an original production engages the viewer

Vital part of community : 

Vital part of community how we understand who we are in relationship to others preserves history language culture how we connect generations within community

Own voices : 

Own voices to preserve our memories value our diversity and unique cultures own history

The telling of a story : 

The telling of a story creates connection people communities interest in new subjects. Stories can give us meaning understanding connection to unknown worlds

live inside your story : 

live inside your story the perspective is first person use your own storytelling voice to narrate the tale. share through the story who you are what you felt what this event or situation means for you

personal meaning or insight : 

personal meaning or insight a good story has a point to make a conclusion a lesson learned, or an understanding gained

Why does it matter? : 

Why does it matter? a point revealed in the end implicitly with the media or stated explicitly with words

Without story : 

Without story we are lost we are without connection. Digital is just a tool that we can use to cross those bridges and reconnect community

Showing not telling : 

Showing not telling good stories use vivid details images, sound, and music are used show context create mood give story information provide emotional meaning meanings are revealed through details of media

Select media : 

Select media to create meaning convey significant meaning do not allow media elements to become bells and whistles that become distracting

Develop craftsmanship : 

Develop craftsmanship images sound voice color white space design transitions special effects animations

downsize the story : 

downsize the story a good story has a destination takes the shortest path 3-5 minutes written script that is no more than one (1) page or five hundred (500) words.

Slide 15: 

the art of shortening a story lies in preserving the essence of the tale

Keeping your listener : 

Keeping your listener what is your “hook” ? breathe when necessary allow you listener to breath

copyright : 

copyright respect for others' art and imagery, sound, and music

Process : 

Process Concept map of your story Locate the major area Develop that thought into a storyboard Develop your script Locate your images Construct your story

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