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Presented by Jose Paredes. Level 6 June 2008

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Agenda Introduction Development Fast fact Plot outline ( plot summary) Cast Trivia Memorable quotes My review: music track, costumes, photography Closing….

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Fast fact Directed byRoland Emmerich Writing credits (WGA) Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich Rating: 6.4 / 10 Release date: June 25,1996 (USA), July 31,1996 (Vzla). Genre: Action, Science Fiction Awards: Won Oscar. Another 26 wins and 21 nominations Also Known As: ID4 Runtime:145 min. Country: USA Language: English Sound Mix:DTS and Dolby Digital Filming Locations: Washington, New York, Los Angeles (USA), Sydney (Australia)

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A spaceship appears in the sky The aliens attack the Earth They destroy everything what they can A great idea, a hope, a Virus. To attack the mother ship Final counterattack The spaceships are vulnerable The human beings destroy the spaceships Independence Day Plot Summary

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Actors and Actresses Important are their roles The good one Cast The bad one The most actor I like is Randy Quaid James Rebhorn

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Trivia The alien spacecraft miniature was 65 feet wide. The characters "R" and "2" on the Area 51 doors are a reference to R2-D2 in Star Wars Matthew Perry was originally offered the role of Captain Jimmy "Raven" Wilder but pulled out at the last minute The airplanes miniature was 25 feet wide

Memorable Quotes : 

Memorable Quotes What are your favorite lines in the movie? Captain Steven Hiller: Welcome to Earth Where or When? After smacking the alien in the head What happened? This alien only got a knockout

Review : 

Review The critics What did the critics say? The explosions and other effects are very well done, as the production’s investment pays off handsomely. Any way, this is just another big disaster movie, which raises the question of why this one became such a huge box office hit. This is no big secret, though, as it seems that the predictable formula – big stars, big effects and good timing – is what did the job here. Your opinion How many starts would you give it? I would give to this movie 5 stars. Your opinion about the track music, costumes, photography, acting… My opinion about the movie is excellent in all these aspects What’s the message in the movie? That nobody should lose the hopeness. Would you recommend it to other people? Yes, I would. The movie is very good Would you buy the DVD? No, I would not. This kind of movie is better to watch in the movie theater.

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Closing and Fun task!

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