Personality The Makeup and Foundation of Life

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Personality The Makeup and Foundation of Life:

Personality The Makeup and Foundation of Life Integrated Model Tiffany Montroy PSYK 333

Biological Domain:

Biological Domain is defined as the physical and biological systems within our bodies that influence or are influenced by our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

Human Genome:

Human Genome is the complete set of genes an organism possesses. This connects with all domains because without the person there is no personality domains.

Dispositional Domain:

Dispositional Domain is the aspects of personality that are stable over time and are relatively consistent over situations and make people different from each other.

Traits as purely descriptive summaries:

Traits as purely descriptive summaries is the attributes of persons with no assumptions about internality or causality.

Intrapsychic Domain:

Intrapsychic Domain is the factors within the mind that influence behavior, thoughts, and feelings.


SuperEgo is the part of the mind that internalizes the values, morals, and ideals of society. This connects with the Social and Cultral domain

Cognitive/Experiential Domain:

Cognitive/Experiential Domain is about understanding people’s perceptions, thoughts, feelings, desires and other conscious experiences.

Self Concept/Self Esteem:

Self Concept/Self Esteem self concept is about understanding yourself and self esteem is how you feel about yourself. This integrates with the dispositional domain

Social and Cultural Domain:

Social and Cultural Domain emphasizes personality as it is affected by and expressed through social institutions, social roles and expectations, and through relationships with other people in our lives.

Individualism and Collectivism:

Individualism and Collectivism i ndividualism is a sense of self autonomous and independent collectivism is a sense of self as more connected as a group. This connects with the cognitive domain.

Adjustment Domain:

Adjustment Domain is how personality helps us to adjust to the challenges and demands of life.

Coping Strategies and Styles:

Coping Strategies and Styles Optimism and Physical Well Being

Workplace Application Selection:

Workplace Application Selection In the makeup application process selection is crucial, the wrong foundation or lipstick gives you a less than desirable outcome and it relates to employers selection process of potential employees. If they select the wrong person for the job the outcome is not what the wanted or needed.

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