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Unit on Anatomy with Coach Little


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Anatomy With Coach Little :

A guide to basic muscular anatomy Anatomy With Coach Little

The Major Muscles :

The Major Muscles Quadriceps Hamstring Gluteus Maximus Abdominals Biceps Triceps Pectoralis Major Deltoid Latissimus Dorsi Rhomboids

Quick Video :

Quick Video Coverage on the major muscle groups : https:// / watch?v =4lXnrckRKPA A song to help you remember what you learn https:// / watch?v =s- uXNgpcakU

Quadriceps :

Quadriceps Consists of four different muscles. Vastus Lateralis Vastus Intermedius Vastus Medialis Rectus Femoris Biggest Muscle Group in the Body. Exercises: Variety of Squats and Leg Presses.

Hamstrings :

Hamstrings Hamstrings are comprised of three different muscles Semimembranosus Semitendinosus Biceps Femoris Located on the back of the leg. Exercises: Leg Curls, Squats, Deadlifts

What have we Learned? :

What have we Learned? 1. Can you name an exercise that engages both the quadriceps and the hamstrings? 2. Do you think that the Quads or the Hamstrings are a more important muscle group?

Gluteus Maximus :

Gluteus Maximus Also known as your buttocks It is the largest muscle in the body. Exercises: Squats, Hip Thrusts, and Lunges

Rectus Abdominals :

Rectus Abdominals Also known as your abdominals, or “Abs” Comprised of six muscles Exercises: Sit ups, planks, and a wide variety of moves.

Biceps :

Biceps Biceps are the belly of our arm. Called “ Bi”ceps because of the two headed connection Exercises: Wide variety of curls, chin ups, and rows.

Triceps :

Triceps The backside of our arm. Named “ tri”ceps due to the three headed connection. Exercises: Tricep Extension, Dips, and Push ups

Deltoids :

Deltoids Also known as our shoulder muscle. Very versatile muscle that controls the shoulder movement. Exercises: Shoulder press and raises

Latissimus Dorsi :

Latissimus Dorsi Also known as your lats Large muscle in your back that reaches from your spine to the arm. Exercises: Pulls ups and rows

Rhomboids :

Rhomboids Located in our upper backs Important in pulling motions Exercises: Rows

Bringing it all together:

Bringing it all together Do notice that certain muscles work together? Can you name a muscle that works with the triceps? Can you name a muscle that works with the biceps?

Pectoralis major :

Pectoralis major Also known as our chest muscles. Used to control the movement of the arms Exercises: Push ups, bench presses, and chest flys .

Slow and fast twitch:

Slow and fast twitch

Review :

Review What muscle group contains four different muscles, and what are they? Which muscle has three heads, and which has two? Push ups can work what two muscles? What are the three muscles of the hamstrings?

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