Kyle Ginter: What Can Show Up in a Background Check?


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Kyle Ginter, a management professional, has seen firsthand how a background check can benefit an employer.


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Kyle Ginter What Can Show Up in a Background Check

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Kyle Ginter knows how useful a background check can be when filtering through job candidates. Once a prospective employee has agreed to such a check an employer can use such a report to verify virtually any type of information about that individual including:

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Driving records including past moving violations license suspensions and so on.

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Criminal charges or convictions including felonies and misdemeanors.

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Social Security number and identification verification which can help the employer spot potential fraud quickly.

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Education including verification of high school and college graduation degrees performance and more.

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Location and residence history including property ownership duration of residence in certain areas and so on. Any past or ongoing declarations of bankruptcy.

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Past employment history which as Kyle Ginter knows can show up on a background check if requested by the employer.

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Military service including ranks tenure discharges and where service was completed.

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