Kyle Ginter: What Can an Employer Use from a Background Check?


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Kyle Ginter is a management and leadership professional with more than ten years of experience.


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Kyle Ginter: What Can an Employer Use from a Background Check

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Background checks matter to leadership professionals like Kyle Ginter because they use the information they find to better understand and validate a potential new employee’s history. Some employers Like Kyle Ginter look into your background before deciding whether to hire you or not or before deciding whether you can keep your job and it is important to know that when they do you have legal rights.

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The Federal Trade Commission FTC enforces a federal law that regulates background reports for employment and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC enforces federal laws against employment discrimination.

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An employer may ask you for a wide variety of background information especially during the hiring process. For example some employers may ask about your employment history your education your criminal record your financial history your medical history or your use of online social media.

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However unless the employer is asking for medical or genetic information it’s not illegal to ask you questions about your background or to require a background check. Employers are not allowed to ask for medical information until they offer you a job and they are not allowed to ask for your genetic information including family medical history except in limited circumstances.

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However when an employer asks about your background it must treat you the same as anyone else regardless of your race national origin color sex religion disability genetic information including family medical history or older age 40 or older. For example an employer is not allowed to ask for extra background information because you are of a certain race or ethnicity explains Kyle Ginter.

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