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My Role Model: Gabby Douglas:

My Role Model: Gabby Douglas By: Kylee Burt

Why Her?:

Why Her? I chose Gabby Douglas as my role model because of all she has achieved before she has turned 18. She was brave enough to leave her family at 14 years old to pursue her passions.


Gymnastics Gabby Douglas is a champion in the sport of gymnastics.


Accomplishments Gabby Douglas has won 2 gold medals in the Olympics for the U.S.A

Never Give Up!:

Never Give Up! Quote of Gabby's:

Off Training Season:

Off Training Season During non competition season, Gabby Douglas says she still keeps in tip top physical condition. Gabby mainly does conditioning and strength training during her off season.

On Season Training:

On Season Training During her competition season, Gabby Douglas does intense workouts for 6 days a week with workouts twice a day on 3 of the 6 days. Her workouts consist of sprints and bars as well as beam work,jumps and insane obstacle courses!

How she inspires me:

How she inspires me Gabby Douglas inspired me because she never gave up on her goals in life no matter what the cost. When I feel like giving up in my fitness, I think of Gabby and how much hard work she puts in to get a body like she has!





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