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Universities Fitness Park:

Universities Fitness Park Tallahassee’s push for a healthier community

Healthy Living for young Adults:

Healthy Living for young Adults The City of Tallahassee can promote positive life choices by encouraging the young adults of the Tallahassee community living around the universities’ areas to live healthy lifestyles in their road to achieving success. Tallahassee holds great opportunity for its residents and future residents, whether you are a student looking to achieve a degree from one of the highly recognized universities or a recent graduate proudly employed by the state government of Florida in an effort to make a change. These pull factors draw in a crowd of young adults on the path to creating a success of themselves. Young adults are continuously working hard and under great stress , and success cannot be achieved without living a healthy lifestyle. What the city lacks is a public amenity that promotes healthy living as these students walk the path to become the future leaders in our community, Florida, and our nation.

Tallahassee Community Needs:

Tallahassee Community Needs Tallahassee’s Present Needs Make the the city’s draw factors more appealing to their target audiences Stimulate economic growth with present and future resources available in Tallahassee Improve rundown areas found just outside of downtown and the universities Promote healthy living to young adults, the future leaders of our communities Needs being Addressed by Project Promoting healthy living throughout a thriving area of Tallahassee Promote recently completed developments in the universities’ areas Redevelopment of the universities’ surrounding areas to create a more appealing college atmosphere Promote the universities, a main economic driving force of the city

Highlighting the need for healthy living:

Demographics Population of Tallahassee 189,907 Median Resident Age 26.4 years Percent of Young Adult Residents (Ages 18-24) 30% Number of Enroled College Students in Tallahassee 67,500+ http:// www.census.gov / quickfacts /table/PST045215/1270600 http:// www.city-data.com /city/Tallahassee- Florida.html https:// www.talgov.com /planning/ Demographics.aspx http:// www.citytowninfo.com /places/ florida / tallahassee /colleges The University Fitness Park was chosen as a proposed project to stress the importance of living a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Stressing the importance for healthy living to young adults helps pave the way for future leaders in our communities. Tallahassee has grown in population by almost 5% since the 2000 census and now has a population of nearly 190,000. Young adults make up almost a third of Tallahassee’s residents and college students account for a majority of that percent. The number of young adults brought in by the local universities boasts a great opportunity for the city of Tallahassee to create a positive influence on their community by promoting healthy living with the implementation of the proposed Universities Fitness Park. Highlighting the need for healthy living

Overview: Universities Fitness Park:

Overview: Universities Fitness Park Location of Park The southeast corner of the intersection at Stadium Drive, Lake Bradford Drive, and Gaines Street is an area of heavy foot and automobile traffic , but sits in a prime location near the campuses of FSU, FAMU, and TCC. The central location to the three universities, the redeveloped Madison and Gaines Streets, and close proximity to the FSU Recreation Fields make this location ideal. The project will redevelop land that holds a vacated warehouse and a large amount of open land into a place that promotes healthy lifestyles for students and residents of the area. Universities Fitness Park The Universities Fitness Park project is designed to promote the redevelopment of the areas surrounding the three campuses and provide students and residents in these areas a park dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. The fitness park will include a variety of outdoor fitness equipment in stations designed to target different muscle groups. Equipment such as chin up bars, bench dips, precise pushup handles, walking elliptical and abdominal machines are options, but not limited to just this.

Driving Factors for project:

Driving Factors for project Inspiration for Universities Fitness Park project comes from the expected positive externalities that will result from the implementation of the park. These benefits range from a healthier community, more appealing areas around the universities and increased economic growth. BENEFITS Public amenity that promotes healthy living to young adults in the area Amenity that helps to attract future residents to an area of town recently developed with high-rise apartment complexes Promote the health conscious restaurants found in the area Create a more appealing college atmosphere to attract future students and faculty

Site of Universities Fitness Park:

Site of Universities Fitness Park West end of property looking east at warehouse East end of property looking west at warehouse

Adjacent Land uses:

Adjacent Land uses Collegetown and FSU Recreation Field Doak Campbell Stadium

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