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Right now you feel so low…like nothing will ever be the same

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You’re right-- it won’t, but it will get easier. You never forget that special someone.

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At the moment, tears are falling and you can’t stop thinking about them.

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But one day you find laughter again, sitting with your friends, talking about all the funny things they said and did.

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Life is cruel and I know how much you can miss a smile, a hug, or think about how pointless things seem.

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But it will get easier; Try to remember the good times and remember it’s okay to cry.

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God took them cause He needs special Angel’s.

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Just remember they are always there no matter what. They can see you and hear you… you just cant see them

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May Angels lead them on.

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People ask you if you’re okay and you say yes; but you’re really not, you’re thinking of them.

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Remember to live your life to the fullest and take each day as it comes.

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If life was meant to be easy we would all be happy…

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Death is a horrible thing and nobody wants to go through the pain of losing someone.

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If you want to cry—cry; if you want to smile—smile; if you want to hate the world, hate the world; we all cope with death in different ways.

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Just remember one thing—your loved one is watching over you and you gotta ask yourself this…

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Would they like to see you this way if they were still here?

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Remember that they are in a better place right now and are up there having the time of their lives. Its hard to let go of some-one you have known your whole life, but by being strong and being there for your friends& family —it helps you heal!

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One of the main reasons I made this slide show is for people that have lost someone they love & for Owsley county, we all have lost a beloved friend! Dylan Darrell David McIntosh age 14 died in a car crash December 19, 2010

He loved to smile : 

He loved to smile

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Good-bye my friends I love so dear—I am not dead but sleeping here. I was not yours, but Christ’s alone—He loved me best & He took me home.

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Not a second passes that you're not on our minds… Your love we will never forget, the hurt will ease in time.

He is so goofy!! : 

He is so goofy!!

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Rest in peace Dylan Darrell David McIntosh. You will be missed by many people. You touched our lives so much, it hurts everyone that you’re not here to live your life. You will not be here to graduate with us, and that’s what hurts the most… that you’re not here to live your life!

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Songs 1st: Faith Hill- “There you’ll be”. 2nd: Ashley Gearing- “Can you hear me when I talk to you”.

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Produced By: Gina Reed

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