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How doping impacts the administration of professional sports : 

By Kyle Browning Joseph Cox Jake Dennstedt How doping impacts the administration of professional sports

Introduction : 

Introduction Commercialization and Globalization Doping in the United States International Doping Administrative Proposals Conclusion

Commercialization and Globalization : 

Commercialization and Globalization Four themes Global age with no looking back Power shifted from state to multinational corporations Push for economic power Produces beneficiaries, however spotlights the disadvantaged

Doping in the U.S. : 

Doping in the U.S. Mitchell Report Independent investigation into steroid use in baseball Many “star” players named in report

Clean up U.S. Track and Field : 

Clean up U.S. Track and Field Track and Field In 2000, the United States Anti-Doping Agency was put in charge of testing athletes Received information from the BALCO investigation. Information was enough to be equivalent to a failed drug test for some athletes named on report. Although harsher testing is in place, athletes still insist on using PEDs

International Doping in the Olympics : 

International Doping in the Olympics 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China Over 4,500 tests Beijing showed signs of improvements with only six positive tests during games Impossible to know for sure if tests work. Very hard for athletes to know what is and is not considered banned for the Olympics.

International Doping cont. : 

International Doping cont. Cycling EPO and CERA Increase red blood cells Maintain endurance Racing teams initiate own drug programs Monitored by UCI

Bodybuilding and the Culture of Steroid Use : 

Bodybuilding and the Culture of Steroid Use Many bodybuilders are known for using steroids IFBB does not have current testing Arnold Classic agreed to do random testing in 2008

Psychological Factors : 

Psychological Factors Studies show psychiatric dysfunction with anabolic-androgenic steroids: Mood disturbances Increased aggression and hostility Paranoia Depression and anxiety Significant personality change Athletes claim to have positive experiences with steroid use

Administrative Proposals : 

Administrative Proposals Rewarding those who do not use more than those who have positive tests Hire an independent tester who comes in before each game or event Incorporate a harsher penalty for those that test positive Implement year round testing Test all clubhouse/locker room employees Test the top 100 prospects identified by the league scouting bureau Establish better education and anti-drug education program Generate more support/help from the Federal Government Leagues should make a clear line between what substances are banned and not Players who use PED’s should not be allowed to enter their sports Hall of Fame

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Globalization has put pressure on elite athletes to stay at top of their game, use steroids. United States sports leagues have acted on steroid problem, instated steroid policies. Olympics and Cycling also have rules regarding steroid use in an attempt to clean up sports. Advanced technology make steroid testing better, but also help athletes find new ways to dope. Administrations can give harsher punishments, year round testing, and better educate players in an attempt to continue the trend towards eliminating steroids

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