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Alex Toolsie is an experienced Kitchener family lawyer and he focuses on superior quality services to his clients. He can help you get spousal support, child support, property and asset division, custody of children or visitation rights, in addition to other family law services.


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Family Law Firm in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.


Family law covers everything that has to do with the legal obligations and rights of people in family relationships . I deal with all stages of the separation process including : ( a) Initial separation and divorce ; (b) Division of property, including complex issues of pensions, business properties and other financially complicated issues ; (c) Decisions about child care, and child and spousal support; and (d) Post-divorce modifications and variations after a couple has been separated for a period of time ; My goal is always to get you through this time as efficiently as possible, so that you can begin the next stage of your life . FAMILY LAW

Divorce Law :

Many documents must be filed in order to complete even the most straightforward divorce.  In addition, procedural rules must be followed. It can be a very time consuming and frustrating endeavor for a non-lawyer to complete . A divorce is the legal process which terminates a marriage. To apply for a divorce in Ontario, one spouse must have resided in Ontario for at least a year. Divorces in Canada are governed by the Divorce Act.  The Divorce Act outlines the laws regarding divorce, the laws related to child support, custody and access to children, and the laws related to spousal support for married spouses . I recommend that anyone seeking a divorce have an initial consultation with a myself to receive a legal opinion regarding their possible rights and obligations. Divorce Law

Criminal Law :

I focus on delivering premium quality services to all my criminal law clients because I understand how stressful it is to be charged with a criminal offence. I will do everything I can to bring about the best possible result, which for many people means avoiding a criminal record. I am happy to explain the entire process to you, including the nature of the charges and the consequences you might be facing . When you are charged with an offence you may feel a sense of disbelief and that you have been victimized.  Sometimes innocent people get charged. That’s a fact of life.  Usually you will have at least a few questions about your rights and what your options are.  You might also have some questions about the criminal justice system and how things work. My main focus is on protecting your legal rights throughout the entire criminal process. I will endeavour to keep you informed every step of the way and to answer any questions you have. Criminal Law

Immigration Lawyer :

The majority of my law practice is family law based. If you have an immigration law problem, I may be able to refer you to someone who can assist. This page will provide some general information about Canadian immigration law. Immigration Lawyer

About Me :

My name is Alex Toolsie and I am a lawyer based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. I practice predominantly family and divorce law, although I have other practice areas as well . The practical problems that need to be addressed at the time of separation are sometimes made more difficult by emotions and financial issues. Most people find legal proceedings to be confusing and intimidating. That’s why I believe that one of the most valuable things I can provide to a client is the peace of mind that comes from understanding the law and having a plan of action . I know that my clients need me to listen, to understand, and to respond with compassion. I work with clients to understand their unique needs and develop appropriate, tailor-made solutions to their problems. Once I know the issues that my clients are facing, I will explain the law and provide opinions on your rights. This is followed by outlining options and possible next steps . I am sure you will find my experience, expertise and professional integrity will provide you with the care and service you need to overcome challenging times and successfully move on with your life. About Me

Contact Details :

Tel : 519-804-9521 Fax: 226-214-4787 Email: Address : 305 King St. West, 10th Floor Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1B9 CANADA http:// / Contact Details

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